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Van Boskirk with an "O"! 
Table of Contents 

Preface--Why Van Boskirk with an "O"?

Table of Contents

Dedication and Acknowledgments

The Van Boskirk Family Tree (Diagram) 

Part 1: Ancestry and Biography of Richard Van Boskirk

  • Chapter 1--The Great Family Heritage Book Caper, or: how my cousins and I finally solved the mystery of the two younger Richard Van Boskirks and brought us all together.
  • Chapter 2--The Van Boskirk Family in America: are we actually Van Buskirks?
  • Chapter 3--Charity Van Boskirk Coryell, her family and her descendants; was she really Richard's sister?
  • Chapter 4--Euphemia Moorehead Anderson, her family and her descendants; could she have been Richard's sister?
  • Chapter 5--Richard Van Boskirk, his family and his grandchildren.

Part 2: Descendants of Richard's son, Andrew Van Boskirk.

  • Chapter 6--Andrew and Passa (Inman) Van Boskirk.
  • Chapter 7--Their son, Richard Van Boskirk, and his descendants.
  • Chapter 8--Their daughter, Hannah Van Boskirk Stone, and her descendants.
  • Chapter 9--Their daughter, Sarah Van Boskirk Bissell, and her descendants.
  • Chapter 10--Their son, Walter Van Boskirk, and his descendants.
  • Chapter 11--Their son, Miles Van Boskirk.
  • Chapter 12--Their son, Caleb Lincoln Van Boskirk, and his descendants.
  • Chapter 13--Their daughter, Euphemia Van Boskirk Wixon, and her descendants.

Part 3: Descendants of Richard's son, John Van Boskirk.

  • Chapter 14--John and Rachel (Thompson) Van Boskirk.
  • Chapter 15--John Van Boskirk of Kansas and his descendants; could he have been John and Rachel's eldest son?
  • Chapter 16--Their daughter, Catherine Van Boskirk Van Valzah, and her descendants.
  • Chapter 17--Their daughter, Hannah Van Boskirk Andre, and her descendants.
  • Chapter 18--Their son, John Richard Van Boskirk, and his descendants.
  • Chapter 19--Their son, Benjamin Franklin Van Boskirk, and his descendants.

Part 4: Descendants of Richard's daughter, Hannah Van Boskirk Lincoln.

  • Chapter 20--John and Hannah (Van Boskirk) Lincoln.
  • Chapter 21--Their son, Richard Van Boskirk Lincoln, and his descendants.
  • Chapter 22--Their daughter, Rachel Thompson Lincoln Knight, and her descendants.
  • Chapter 23--Their daughter, Catherine Elizabeth Lincoln Halfpenny, and her descendants.

Part 5: Additional Information and Ideas about Van Boskirk Genealogy. Appendices on the ancestry, parents, and siblings of:

  • George Coryell--husband of Charity Van Boskirk
  • Passa Inman--wife of Andrew Van Boskirk
  • John Lincoln--husband of Hannah Van Boskirk (b. 1801)
  • Sarah Serrin--wife of Richard Van Boskirk (b. 1818)
  • Horatio G. Stone--husband of Hannah Van Boskirk (b. 1820)
  • Pierce B. Bissell--husband of Sarah Van Boskirk.
  • Amanda Rand--wife of Walter Van Boskirk
  • Susan Brockman--wife of Miles Van Boskirk
  • Celia Freer--wife of Caleb Lincoln Van Boskirk
  • Ward Wixon--husband of Euphemia Van Boskirk (b. 1835)
  • Isaac Williams--son-in-law of Sarah Van Boskirk Bissell
  • Isaac Turner--son-in-law of Sarah Van Boskirk Bissell
  • Frances Eliza Cloud--daughter-in-law of Sarah Van Boskirk Bissell
  • Nancy Jane Skinner--daughter-in-law of Sarah Van Boskirk Bissell
  • Samuel Blaine--son-in-law of Walter Van Boskirk

This Table of Contents written in March 1990 and subject to change

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