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The Genealogy of
Alfred Bissell (1793-1870)

Vital Statistics for the Descendants of #924
in Edward P. Jones' Bissell Genealogy

**Version 3.0, January 2006**

by Roger Bissell

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Introductory note: this is one of a series of "continuations" of families listed in Edward P. Jones' genealogy of the descendants of Captain John Bissell of Windsor, Connecticut. Building on Stiles' History of Ancient Windsor, Jones traced a number of lines of Bissells no further than the late 1700s or early 1800s, and other researchers (including myself, as compiler of this series) have subsequently managed to bring those lines on down to the present. Some continuations have already been published, and this series will simply extract the data from those works and present it here. Others have been more loosely gathered and are being published here for the first time. In still other cases, published continuations are being more completely filled in or extended for this series. Some day, building on the foundation laid by Stiles and Jones, a new genealogy of the Connecticut Bissells will be published and submitted to appropriate libraries, and it is hoped that this series will play an important role in helping to bring that about....Roger Bissell, Orange, California, November 1999.

ALFRED BISSELL, son of Jerijah Bissell II (1751-1835), was born in 1793 in Wapping, Connecticut, died January 1870, Polk County, Arkansas (cause: "disease of the lungs"), and was buried at Bissell Chapel Cemetery, New Hope, Arkansas. His wife, Martha Matilda Hoskins, was born August 10, 1808, Onondaga County, New York, daughter of Isaac Hoskins (1783-1866) and Rachel Jones (1787-1819), died July 26, 1881, Atlas, Illinois (cause: "malarial fever"), buried July 28, 1881, Atlas, Illinois.

It is thought by some that the full name of Jerijah II's son Alfred was John Alfred Bissell, and that he was a veteran of the War of 1812. It's possible that this is true, but we have our doubts. On the one hand, while Bissell family records nowhere refer to Alfred as having John for his first name, Hoskins family records do; the date and source of the Hoskins records is not clear, however, so we can't presently judge their validity. On the other hand, while it is claimed that Alfred was the John Bissell who got bounty lands in Fulton County, Illinois, selling them in 1819, this cannot be true. Alfred Bissell was from Connecticut and was not known to have enlisted into the army from there, either as Alfred or as John (Alfred) Bissell; and he did not come to Illinois until about 1822, settling not in Fulton County (near Springfield), but Pike County, over by the Mississippi River. Furthermore, the John Bissell of the Illinois bounty lands is known to be John Bissell V, born in Rutland, Vermont in 1800, entering the army from that state when he was about 14 and fighting in a group centered at Sackett's Harbor, New York. If Alfred was indeed a veteran of the War of 1812, the evidence to prove it has not yet come to light.

Alfred and Matilda married November 10, 1824 in Pike County, Illinois. Alfred was a pioneer settler near the town of New Hartford, Illinois in 1823 and raised the first apples in Pike County. They had eight children and at least 31 grandchildren.

A. Caroline Bissell born April 1, 1826, Pike County, Illinois (died young?). 

B. Edward Bissell born January 18, 1828, Pike County, Illinois (died young?).

C. Mary Bissell born October 19, 1830, Pike County, Illinois and died January 19, 1891, Howard County, Arkansas. She married November 29, 1849, Panola County, Texas to Thomas Berry Pate, Sr. (born 1826, Georgia, died 1862 in Arkansas during the Civil War). They had:

1. John Newton Pate born January 22, 1851, Panola County, Texas, married March 24, 1870 to Jacynthia Catherine Hill (1851-1942).

a. Isaac Newton Pate born December 22, 1870, Pike County, Arkansas, married Mary J. ____.
b. LuAlice Emaline Pate born December 9, 1873, Pike County, Arkansas.
c. Augustus Jordan Pate born May 29, 1878, Pike County, Arkansas, married Ida S. ____.
d. Benton Dempsy Pate born November 7, 1878, Pike County, Arkansas.
e. William Jackson Pate born January 3, 1881, Pike County, Arkansas, died July 26, 1882.
f. Elbert Alexandria (Alex) Pate born October 13, 1883, Pike County, Arkansas.
g. Jacynthia Ella Pate born January 17, 1886, Pike County, Arkansas.
h. Amos Aron Pate born June 25, 1894, Pike County, Arkansas.

2. Benton Pate born March 18, 1852, Panola County, Texas, married December 12, 1872 in Arkansas to Rosina R. J. Stracener (born 1854, Alabama).

a. Pernecia D. Pate born about 1873, Alabama, died young.
b. Thomas Jeff Pate born 1879, Howard County, Arkansas.
c. John W. Pate born 1877, Howard County, Arkansas, married Sarah Ella Sanders.
d. James B. Pate born about 1880, Alabama (?), married Nettie Sweat.
e. Henry A. Pate born 1882, married Amy Rickett.
f. Jasper U. Pate born 1886, married Pearl Logan.
g. Charles C. Pate born 1890.
h. Mary Pate

i. Ester Pate born 1893, married first Dewey James, married second Howard Yates.
j. Booker W. Pate born 1895, married Myrtle James.
k. Pernecia Drusilla Pate born 1897, married John A. Bissell.

3. Alice ("Big Mama") Pate born November 4, 1853, Minden, Louisiana (or Panola County, Texas?), died May 7, 1923. She married April 16, 1874 to William Jackson Davis (1834-?).

a. Alice Lou Davis married Gene Dickens.
b. Barney Augusta Davis born 1879.
c. Mary Independence ("Molly") Davis married ____ Sublett.
d. Julie Mae Davis born 1883, married Albert G. Robertson.
e. Winnie Margaret Davis born 1888.

4. Lafayette ("Fate") Pate born February 1856, Panola County, Texas, died January 7, 1918, Howard County, Arkansas. He married Martha Catherine Huey (born 1856, Kentucky).

a. Mary Elizabeth Pate born November 1876, Pike County, Arkansas, married Elisha A. Brooks.
b. James L. Pate born 1878, Pike County, Arkansas.
c. Dora Alice Pate born May 1881 (1880?), Pike County, Arkansas, married James Logan.
d. Sarah Ann Pate married Charles Shoulders.
e. Martha Bell Pate born June 1884, Pike County, Arkansas, married Benjamin J. Epperson.
f. Infant Pate born 1888.
g. Lona Jane Pate born November 1888, Pike County, Arkansas, married William Turner.
h. Dona Angeline Pate born April 1892, Pike County, Arkansas.
i. Eliza Louella Pate born May 1894, Pike County, Arkansas.
j. Gerald Lee ("Bud") Pate born May 1897, Pike County, Arkansas, married Ada Victoria Dunn.

5. Alfred Augustus ("Gus") Pate born March 7, 1858, Panola County, Texas, died December 24, 1924, New Hope, Pike County, Arkansas. He married first Beady Ann Barton (born 1858/59?, Arkansas, died 1904, Arkansas) and married second Sarah Angeline Green (born 1882, Arkansas, died 1931, Arkansas).

a. William Taylor Pate born November 12, 1877, Howard/Pike County, Arkansas, married Rebecca Alford.
b. Albert Virgil Pate born December 7, 1879, Howard/Pike County, Arkansas, married Tula Smith.

c. Debbie Jackson Pate (male) born August 8, 1883, Pike County, Arkansas, died February 23, 1965. He married January 15, 1904 to Mary Ellen White (died 1962).

i. Jewell W. Pate (male) born October 15, 1905, New Hope, Pike County, Arkansas, died 1977. He married about 1932 in Fayetteville, North Caroline to Anna Wilson Odom (died 1986)

(1) Jewel Nadine ("Judy") Pate born March 11, 1934, Fayetteville, North Carolina, married May 3, 1952 at Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas to Joseph Edward McRae (born 1932, Arkansas).

(a) Michael Anthony McRae born December 18, 1953, Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas.
(b) Joseph Brian McRae born February 24, 1959, Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas.
(c) Mary Elizabeth McRae born December 6, 1961, Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas. She married Robert Earl Stafford (born 1961, Arkansas), and they subsequently divorced.

(2) Billie Reese Pate born April 25, 1936, McColl, South Carolina. She married Robert Glenn Proctor (born 1932, North Carolina).

(a) Robert Glenn Proctor II born August 5, 1961, Elizabeth City, Pasquotauk County, North Carolina.
(b) Kevin Lloyd Proctor born March 3, 1963, Elizabeth City, North Carolina.
(c) Cameron Mitchele Proctor born January 1, 1965, Elizabeth City, North Carolina.
(d) Eric Travis Proctor born September 17, 1968, Elizabeth City, North Carolina.
(e) Felicia Proctor Hill born April 4, 1955, London, England (from Robert's first marriage).

(3) Susanne Odom Pate born October 25, 1943, Fort Monmouth, Orange County, New Jersey. She married about 1961 in Elizabeth City, Pasquotauk County, North Carolina to ____ Reid (born 1941, North Carolina).

(a) Melinda Ann Reid born March 20, 1963, Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

(b) Jeffrey Marvin Reid, Sr. born July 2, 1964, Elizabeth City, North Carolina. He married Angela Michelle Best (born 1964, North Carolina). (i) Jeffrey Marvin Reid Jr. born August 29, 1983, Plymouth, Washington County, North Carolina. (ii) Bryan Scott Reid, born October 16, 1984, Plymouth, North Carolina.

(c) Joseph David Reid born January 1, 1966, Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

ii. Herma Reese Pate born October 4, 1907, New Hope, Pike County, Arkansas. She married August 24, 1927 at Waldo, Columbia County, Arkansas to William Ordis Watson, Sr. (died 1956).

iii. Alton B. Pate born July 28, 1913, Kirby, Pike County, Arkansas, died April 4, 1979, Hot Springs. He married about 1935 at Hot Springs, Garland County, Arkansas to June Rogers.

iv. Joe Pate born September 11, 1916, Kirby, Pike County, Arkansas. He married first in March 1943 at Tallahassee, Florida to Mary Frances Bremer (died in Florida), and they had two children. He married second in July 1952 at Paint Lick, Kentucky to Lucille Hammonds (born 1924, Kentucky), and they had a son.

(1) Patricia Ann Pate born February 1944, Tallahassee, Florida.
(2) Joe Jackson Pate born July 1946, Tallahassee, Florida.
(3) Joe Ennis Pate born January 1955, Houston, Texas.

v. Bill Pate Sr. born April 7, 1924, Amity, Clark County, Arkansas. He married November 28, 1944 at Alliance, Nebraska to Marcella Mae Mardaus (born Minnesota).

d. Nora Mae Pate born November 3, 1892, New Hope, Pike County, Arkansas, died November 6, 1972. She married Walter A. Driskell (1882-1959).

i. Gladys E. Driskell born about 1910, New Hope, Pike County, Arkansas, died November 25, 1965. She married Melvin Henry. They had a daughter.

ii. Addis E. Driskell born 1912, New Hope, Pike County, Arkansas, died December 23, 1912.

iii. Selvin D. Driskell born November 19, 1913, Nashville, Howard County, Arkansas, died August 5, 1986. He married Vera Cagle.

iv. Ruby Ann Driskell born February 18, 1916, Highland, Pike County, Arkansas. She married G. B. McNutt. They had a son, who married and had two children.

v. Mary Rue Driskell born July 14, 1918, Scoby, Mississippi. She married first ____ Parker, with whom she had two children, and married second Odell Grissom.

(1) Walter G. Parker
(2) Patsy Baird Parker

vi. Othena Driskell born October 20, 1924, Scoby, Mississippi, died June 14, 1988. She married ____ Long.

vii. Walter Pate Driskell born September 13, 1924, Randolph, Mississippi. He married and had a son, who married and had two sons.

viii. Monzel G. Driskell born November 8, 1927, Randolph, Mississippi, died December 10, 1927.

ix. Mellie Janette Driskell born July 23, 1935, Pine Valley, Mississippi, died August 5, 1977. She married Robert McWhirter, and they had two sons and two daughters, each of whom married and had children.

e. Lon D. Pate (twin) born March 25, 1897, New Hope, Pike County, Arkansas.
f. Cal Pate (twin) born March 25, 1897, New Hope, Pike County, Arkansas.

g. Maple Augusta Pate born September 1, 1908, New Hope, Pike County, Arkansas, died June 10, 1957, Cotton Plant, Arkansas. She married October 24, 1924 to Roy Marvin Smith. They had:

i. Austin Arnold Smith born April 28, 1942, Holly Grove, Arkansas. He married June 24, 1962 to Shirley Joyce Coddrey.

h. Opal Pate born January 15, 1911, New Hope, Pike County, Arkansas.

i. Othel Pate born October 31, 1913, New Hope, Pike County, Arkansas.

6. Pernecia ("Necie") Pate born about 1860, Arkansas, married Granville D. ("Bud") Hill.

a. Thomas D. ("Pid") Hill
b. William M. ("Toad") Hill
c. Minnie Hill
d. By Hill

7. Thomas Berry Pate Jr. born March 1862 (1863?), Howard/Pike County, Arkansas, died 1941, Arkansas. He married Catie Ellis ("Ellis") Hill (born 1866, Arkansas.

a. Ada Pate born August 1885, Arkansas.
b. William D. Pate born March 1889, Arkansas.
c. Thomas Jack Pate born January 1892, Arkansas.
d. Mary E. Pate born December 1896, Arkansas.
e. Martha E. Pate born August 1899, Arkansas.
f. Coy Pate (?)

g. Lester Pate (?)
h. Loy Pate (?)

[Thanks to Mrs. Jimmie Jean Pate Bowman and Austin Arnold Smith for compiling this data!]

D. Thomas Bissell was born April 29, 1833, Pike County, Illinois and died in 1858, Panola County, Texas. He married October 18, 1854, Panola County, Texas to Mrs. Susan (Miller) Boyett born February 13, 1826 in Alabama, died November 2, 1906, Sabine Parish, Louisiana) as her second husband. Susan married first in 1843 to Annas Boyette, and they had John and Armadilla and an unnamed daughter. She married third February 26, 1859 in Desoto Parish, Louisiana to Thomas L. Roscoe, and they had John Lindsay,Charlie, and Jessie. Thomas is the ancestor of Olton O. Bissell, compiler of ARK-LA-TEX BISSELL GENEALOGY (1993). Thomas and Susan had three children:

1. Jack Bissell born about 1855 in Panola County, Texas and died young.

2. Henry Conway Bissell born February 11, 1856 in Panola County, Texas, died October 29, 1936, Shreveport, Louisiana. He married first January 20, 1880 near Mansfield, Louisiana to Mary Ann Griffin (born July 30, 1860, died February 9, 1899) and married second about 1900 near Mansfield, Louisiana to Nancy Elizabeth (Horn) Porter (born May 30, 1869, died November 2, 1921). The last three children listed below (j., k., l.) are from Henry's second marriage.

a. Henry Thomas ("Henderson") Bissell born December 13, 1881, Naborton, Louisiana and died September 19, 1950, Dallas, Texas. He married first in 1907 to Ida Elizabeth ("Lizzie") Rascoe (born April 27, 1888, died November 21, 1973) and married second after 1973 to ____.

i. Hazel Mae Bissell born August 9, 1908, Lula, Desoto Parish, Louisiana, died April 7, 1990, Lafayette, Lafayette Parish, Louisiana. She married July 22, 1926 to Arthur B. Page Sr. (born February 3, 1909, died May 29, 1982).

(1) Arthur B. Page Jr. born September 25, 1927. He married October 16, 1943 to Maude Austin (born September 10, 1926).

(a) Douglas Wayne Page born May 17, 1946. He married June 30, 1967 to Judy Coussou (born June 11, 1948). They had: (i) Jennifer Page born December 19, 1971. (ii) Melissa Page born February 16, 1977.

(b) Joan Page born May 21, 1949. She married April 2, 1982 to Kevin McCarthy (born July 25, 1943). They had: (i) Rhonda McCarthy (step child to Joan) born September 12, 1967. She married February 14, 1987 to Ricky A. Sauter (born July 5, 1963). (ii) Randy McCarthy (step child to Joan) born March 27, 1972.

(c) Mohea Page born December 9, 1952. She married July 1, 1972 to Stephen B. Smith (born January 15, 1953). They had: (i) Laura Smith born April 20, 1977. (ii) Lisa Smith born March 21, 1979.

(2) Henry Otis Page born September 21, 1928. He married August 8, 1952 to Marie Courville (born July 3, 1933).

(a) Don Doley Page born July 6, 1953. He married June 7, 1974 to Beth Anne Jones (born February 4, 1954). They had: (i) Kevin Don Jones born February 1, 1977. (ii) Emily Anne Jones born February 21, 1982. (iii) Jacob Ryan Jones born July 20, 1986.

(b) Kathleen Marie Page born September 19, 1955. She married May 25, 1985 to Mitchell Glen Laviolette (born September 7, 1955).

(c) Carol Sue Page born June 10, 1958. She married November 10, 1978 to James Joseph Folse (born February 16, 1954). They had: (i) Benjamin James Folse born June 26, 1981. (ii) Jolene Leslie Folse born November 11, 1984.

(3) Helen Louise Page born January 26, 1931. She married September 26, 1950 to Reuben J. Brooks (born July 1, 1931).

(a) Michelle Paige Brooks born April 28, 1970.
(b) Elizabeth Jane Brooks born January 20, 1975.

(4) Juanita Elizabeth Page born October 19, 1932. She married January 19, 1952 to Henry Joseph Andrepont (born July 16, 1932).

(a) Thomas Dean Andrepont born November 6, 1952. He married July 7, 1973 to Linda Marie Palmer (born August 5, 1955). They had: (i) Thomas Dean Andrepont II born May 22, 1974. (ii) Tori Matthew Andrepont born April 8, 1980. (iii) Callie Jo Elizabeth Andrepont born February 19, 1984.

(b) Judy Ann Andrepont born December 7, 1953. She married February 13, 1972 to Robert Soileau (born December 31, 1949). They had: (i) Tammy Lynn Soileau born February 29, 1975. (ii) Robert Jeremy Soileau born December 26, 1975. (iii) Jason Paul George Soileau born December 5, 1977. (iv) Mandi Louise Soileau born September 2, 1979.

(c) Jackie Lynn Andrepont born August 30, 1956. She married November 30, 1974 to Anthony Thibodeaux (born September 14, 1953). They had: (i) Yvonne Marchelle Thibodeaux born February 14, 1984.

(d) James Scott Andrepont born December 9, 1963. He married August 10, 1985 to Becky Guidry (born December 4, 1963).

(e) Janet Louise Andrepont born August 22, 1971.

ii. Valda Bissell born December 18, 1912. She married first in 1929 to Thomas A. Rascoe (born February 16, 1909,died February 23, 1985), second to ____, and third to Calvin Jones (died April 14, 1985).

(1) Travis Allen Jones born January 18, 1935, died June 6, 1992.

(2) Thomas Calvin Jones born December 5, 1936.

(3) Joe Bob Jones born June 1, 1941.

(4) Henry Albert Jones born November 23, 1943.

iii. Marie Bissell born November 14, 1914 and died July 25, 1955 in Texas. She married ____ Harper, and they had six children.

iv. Alton Bissell born October 7, 1917, Benson, Desoto Parish, Louisiana, died October 1978, possibly at Richmond, Virginia. He married first Virginia Jackson, second ____ Norman, third ____, and fourth Rose ____. Alton and Virginia had a son.

b. William Alfred Bissell born March 10, 1884, died June 10, 1885, Naborton, Desoto Parish, Louisiana.

c. Arthur Shelton Bissell born June 23, 1886, Naborton, Desoto Parish, Louisiana and died February 27, 1961, Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana. He married first February 7, 1909 to Nannie Belle Walker (born June 25, 1887, died February 27, 1910) and second March 3, 1912 to Margaret ("Maggie") Zeola Weaver (born October 11, 1895, died August 25, 1980). Arthur and Nannie Belle had five children:

i. Nannie Belle Bissell II born February 25, 1910, Naborton, Desoto Parish, Louisiana and died October 24, 1964, Springdale, Washington County, Arkansas. She married first October 10, 1929 to Jesse C. Bolton (they divorced about 1931) and second July 25, 1936 to Boyd M. Lewis, with whom she had three children.

(1) Margaret Grace Lewis born December 30, 1938.

(2) Mary Lewis born January 9, 1944.

(3) Irma Lewis born April 18, 1946.

ii. Olton Overton Bissell born March 2, 1915 at Chestnut, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana. He married December 24, 1936 to Ruth Edna Raphiel (born January 15, 1917). Olton is the compiler of ARK-LA-TEX BISSELL GENEALOGY, from which most of the data on the descendants of Thomas Bissell is taken.

(1) Shelton Overton Bissell born April 24, 1941, Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana. He married first February 1959 Mary Louise Chreene (born November 6, 1934, divorced in 1992) and married second July 18, 1992 Kathleen Susan (Cockrell) Hansen (born April 16, 1950). He had one child with each wife:

(a) Bobby Raye Bissell I born November 27, 1959, Fort Jackson, Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina, died October 23, 1992, San Marcos, Hays County, Texas. He married in 1992 to Belinda (Cress) Dahlstrom (born January 24, 1957). (i) Sarah Dahlstrom born July 9, 1980. (ii) Bobby Raye Bissell II born May 14, 1993, San Marcos, Hays County, Texas.

(b) Marilyn Danyelle Hansen born November 4, 1975.

iii. Myrtis Ruth ("Rue") Bissell born June 22, 1916, Chestnut, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana. She married August 9, 1932 to Sidney Rex Stevenson (born October 20, 1912).

(1) Barbara Ruth Stevenson born December 21, 1934, Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana. She married June 25, 1960 to William Albert Davignon (born September 17, 1923).

(2) Kenneth Rex Stevenson born May 25, 1944, Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana. He married first December 13, 1963 to Marilynn Ellen Martin (born May 20, 1947; they divorced) and second to Amy Linda (Lea) Trim (born July 5,1943. He and Marilynn had:

(a) Tina Lynn Stevenson born February 1, 1967, Stevenson, Caddo Parish, Louisiana. She married about 1982 Charles Kenneth Blakeley. They had: (i) Charla Nicole Blakeley born July 1983.

(3) Karen Gale Stevenson born December 23, 1947, Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana. She married February 3, 1967 Henry Edward Thomas Jr. (born October 19, 1942).

(a) Amy Dianne Thomas born May 19, 1970.
(b) Carrie Ann Thomas born March 24, 1975.

iv. Ventrice Orel ("Jeanette") Bissell born May 1, 1918, Chestnut, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana. She married September 4, 1937 Charley Robertson Handford (born December 24, 1909; they divorced).

(1) Charlene Jeanette Handford born April 16, 1941, Batesville, Independence County, Arkansas.

(2) Charley Robertson Handford Jr. born January 1, 1946, Batesville, Independence County, Arkansas. He married December 28, 1974 Angela Lillian Backus (they divorced).

(a) Rebecca Allison Handford born May 13, 1977.

(b) Christopher Michael Handford born May 22, 1980.

v. Lavell Leamon Bissell born May 13, 1920, Creston, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana. He married July 20, 1940 Ruth Lillian Morris (born May 24, 1922).

(1) Leamon Errol Bissell born September 26, 1943. He married March 1966 to Francis Pine.

(a) Toni Young (adopted stepdaughter) born October 25, 1964. She married Jimmy LeGates. (i) Brandon LeGates born about 1984, (ii) Joel LeGates born about 1990, both in Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana.

(b) Donald Lee Bissell born June 9, 1970, Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana. He married Rachel Pickett(?). (i) Blake Lee Bissell born about 1991, Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana.

(2) Luke David Bissell born October 6, 1948. He married March 19, 1971 to Rebecca Ann Ward (born March 19, 19--).

(a) Jennifer Alynne Bissell (adopted) born October 6, 1977.

(b) Mary Bissell (adopted) born January 21, 1987.

d. Emma Belle Bissell born June 4, 1890, Naborton, Desoto Parish, Louisiana and died August 14, 1952, Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana. She married first February 18, 1906 to Amos Jack Cranford (born January 1, 1886, died March 8, 1920) and second ____(?).

i. Alfred Newton Cranford born October 1, 1908 and died December 28, 1939. He married August 15, 1926 to Clarice Rascoe (born January 11, 1911, died November 18, 1983).

(1) Dorothy Deloris ("Lois") ("Dottie") Cranford born August 5, 1927. She married March 14, 1946 to Charles Frances Rowe, Jr. (born February 1922).

(a) Charles Robert Rowe born December 24, 1946, Pennsylvania(?). He married June 15, 1968 to Judith Beatrice Rouke (born December 31, 1946). They had: (i) Charles William Rowe born April 14, 1970. (ii) Matthew Michael Rowe born December 14, 1974.

(b) Jackson Newton Rowe born January 23, 1950, Darby, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. He married Salley Frances Miller (born May 22, 1950). They had: (i) Brad Allen Rowe born June 19, 1975.

(c) Janet Marie Rowe born April 14, 1956, Chester, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. She married September 24, 1977 to Dennis M. Frantz (born March 5, 1955). They had: (i) Mishael Steven Frantz born April 15, 1981, Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. (ii) Daniel Michael Frantz born Septembr 6, 1984, Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. (iii) Jeffery Michael Frantz born May 31, 1988, Harrisburg, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.

(2) Maxine Cranford born May 4, 1929 and died May 14, 1929.

(3) Jack Newton Cranford born June 30, 1930, Mansfield, Desoto Parish, Louisiana. He married July 1, 1947 to Mabel Marcel Turner (born March 15, 1931).

(a) Caroll Denise Cranford born June 6, 1953. She married February 5, 1971 to Ernest W. Wisdom (born 1950). They had: (i) Stephanie Denise Wisdom born October 9, 1972. (ii) Melissa Dianne Wisdom born March 7, 1975.

(b) Dianna Marie Cranford born September 28, 1948. She married first September 1, 1967 (they divorced September 9, 1974) to George Marshall Sellers (born March 1, 1948) and second Richard Hedrick. She and George had two sons, and she and Richard had one son: (i) Eric Marshall Sellers born September 12, 1969; he married Paula LeBlanc (born about 1970). (ii) Keith Richard Sellers. (iii) Kevin Hurl Hedrick born December 15, 1979.

(c) Frank Richard Cranford born July 17, 1950. He married June 12, 1971 to Rebecca Ann O'Quinn (born December 9, 1952). They had: (i) Jeffery Thomas Cranford born November 12, 1975. (ii) Lydia Louise Cranford born (?) December 15, 1976; had a child born about 1991.

(4) Verna Dean Cranford born December 7, 1933, Gladewater, Upsher County, Texas. She married August 26, 1950 to Reverend David W. Peterson (born October 12, 1929).

(a) Donna Suzzanne Peterson born August 25, 1951, Barksdale Air Force Base, Bossier City, Bossier Parish, Louisiana. She married June 14, 1970 to Edwin E. Cuchens (born August 7, 1948). They had: (i) Shawn Edwin Cuchens born September 11, 1971. (ii) David Victor Cuchens born April 20, 1973. (iii) Terrance Earl Cuchens born September 6, 1976.

ii. Henry Gordon Cranford born April 15, 1910 and died October 26, 1984. He married in 1929 to Maggie Maude Walker.

(1) Joe Bob Cranford born August 4, 1931. He married Peggy Marie Taylor (born December 13, 1934).

(a) Brenda Cranford born February 6, 1954 and died May 25, 1984.

(b) Bobby Joe Cranford born September 19, 1955.

(c) Wayne Taylor Cranford born April 11, 1958. He married August 1, 1981 to Carol Johnson (born about 1960).

(d) Ronda Gail Cranford born December 3, 1962. She married Kevin Roy Broussard (born about 1960). They had Maggie Broussard.

iii. Amos Ray Cranford born July 26, 1912 and died August 23, 1993. He married April 19, 1935 to Ethel Irene Boyett.

(1) Herman Ray Cranford born February 21, 1936. He married Betty Juneau (born February 28, 1938).

(a) Herman Ray Cranford, Jr. born June 27, 1956. He married Jean Norie. They had: (i) Marie Cranford. (ii) Shenia Cranford.

(b) Mark Stephen Cranford born April 27, 1958 and died January 26, 1969.

(c) Lisa Ann Cranford born December 29, 1960. She married Bill Dickerson. They had: (i) Chrystale Dickerson born May 13, 1981 and died October 1984. (ii) Dylan Dickerson.

(d) Patricia Rena ("Ann") Cranford born July 13, 1962. She married March 24, 1983 to Gregg Murphree (born about 1960).

(e) Christopher Glenn Cranford born August 6, 1975.

(2) Patsy Cranford born January 7, 1938. She married Bob C. Brawley (born November 10, 1930).

(a) Debra Lynn Brawley born February 1, 1956. She married David W. Payne (born May 24, 1954). They had: (i) David W. Payne, Jr. born September 15, 1972. (ii) a son.

(b) Bob C. Brawley Jr. born July 10, 1958. He married Jonie Peters. They had a son.

(c) Jay Patrick Brawley born December 5, 1961.

iv. Mary Belle Cranford born October 25, 1914, Mansfield, Desoto Parish, Louisiana. She married July 22, 1934 to Albin C. Ermis (born April 23, 1904).

v. Andrew Jefferson Cranford born September 27, 1919. He married January 18, 1941 to Doris Collins (born January 3, 1920).

(1) Doris Jean Cranford born November 6, 1941. She married first to C. Stratton(?), second to Gene Graham.

e. Buna Viola Bissell born June 7, 1893, Naborton, Desoto Parish, Louisiana and died February 14, 1980, Mansfield, Desoto Parish, Louisiana. She married November 19, 1911 to William Marshall Hatcher (born May 10, 1889, died August 8, 1971).

i. Ella Leona Hatcher born October 12, 1911, Mansfield, Desoto Parish, Louisiana and died September 6, 1938. She married Clarence C. Estes.

(1) Thomas Calvin Estes born May 9, 1929 and died July 1950.

(2) Mary Ellen Estes born July 29, 1931. She married July 20, 19-- to J. W. Burr.

(a) Mary Katherine Burr born June 17, 1951. She married and had children.
(b) Shirley Sue Burr born July 25, 1952. She married and had children.
(c) Caroline Elizabeth Burr born July 2, 1954. She married ____ O'Neal and had children.
(d) Debra Ann Burr born October 8, 1955.
(e) Jim William Burr born June 25, 1957.
(f) Gladys Robena Burr born July 29, 1958.
(g) Linda Lamona Burr born October 10, 1959.

(3) John William Estes born April 26, 1934. He married Helen ____.

(4) Dorothy Dell Estes born June 24, 1937. She married first Harold Peek and second Joe Davis.

(5) Ella Leona Estes II born September 6, 1938 and died September 26, 1969. She married Vernon Coy English.

ii. Henry Jackson Hatcher born August 24, 1916, Mansfield, Desoto Parish, Louisiana. He married January 5, 1942 to Betty Marie Sayers (born 1923, died July 29, 1982).

(1) Wanda Sue Hatcher born October 5, 1946, Mansfield, Desoto Parish, Louisiana. She married Steve Baker.

(a) Ashley Suzanne Baker born April 4, 1969, Mansfield, Desoto Parish, Louisiana.

(2) Jimmie Ray Hatcher born August 5, 1949, Mansfield, Desoto Parish, Louisiana.

iii. Gladys Bell Hatcher born July 5, 1919, Mansfield, Desoto Parish, Louisiana. She married October 19, 1969 to T. L. Fixley (died December 21, 1989).

iv. Marjorie Robena Hatcher born September 30, 1922, Mansfield, Desoto Parish, Louisiana. She married December 31, 1937 to Floyd Sexton Hayes (born October 5, 1919, died July 24, 1993).

v. Edward Eugene Hatcher born March 5, 1933, Mansfield, Desoto Parish, Louisiana. He married March 9, 1956 to Clara Jeanette Rascoe.

(1) Lisa Karen Hatcher born August 17, 1957, Mansfield, Desoto Parish, Louisiana.
(2) Russell Lane Hatcher born August 23, 1960, Mansfield, Desoto Parish, Louisiana.
(3) Martin Wade Hatcher born August 7, 1965, Mansfield, Desoto Parish, Louisiana. He married April 16, 1988 to Tracy Lynnette Clements.

f. Mollie Reba Bissell born March 25, 1895, Naborton, Desoto Parish, Louisiana and died July 13, 1943, Benson, Desoto Parish, Louisiana. She married Earl G. Parker (born May 15, 1898, died June 30, 1971).

i. Mamie Parker born July 4, 1916, Benson, Desoto Parish, Louisiana, died December 14, 1975 in California. She married first Garvis P. Boyett (born 1916, died 1939), second Louis Kusex, third and fourth times (no information).

(1) Linda Kusex born in 1948.

g. Elzey Howard Bissell born September 21, 1897/8, Naborton, Desoto Parish, Louisiana and died August 18, 1975, Mansfield, Desoto Parish, Louisiana. He married first October 3, 1919 to Maudie Dell Roberts (born April 14, 1901, died October 26, 1990) and married second ____(?).

i. Carl Bissell born March 3, 1921, Benson, Desoto Parish, Louisiana. He married December 27, 1939 to Totsie Ovada Foster.

(1) Charles Ray Bissell born September 2, 1944, Benson, Desoto Parish, Louisiana. He married January 25, 1963 to Peggy Joyce Temple.

(a) Tammy Annette Bissell born January 4, 1964.
(b) Timmy Raye Bissell born December 1, 1969.

(2) Judy Lynn Bissell born June 23, 1954, Benson, Desoto Parish, Louisiana. She married December 9, 1972 to Terry Dale Forest.
(3) Justin Carl Bissell born April 25, 1955, Benson, Desoto Parish, Louisiana.

ii. Maudie Lee Bissell born March 22, 1928, Benson, Desoto Parish, Louisiana. She married December 16, 1944 to Jasper Roy Bossier.

(1) Lee Roy Bossier born November 20, 1948. He married November 28, 1968 to Rebecca Spights.

(a) Jason Raye Bossier born October 28, 1974.

h. Infant son

i. Infant son

j. Susan Zola Bissell born March 1, 1902, Benson, Desoto Parish, Louisiana. She married December 15, 1925 to Mack Henry Evans (born April 11, 1904, died May 20, 1968).

i. Lois Faye Evans born November 23, 1926. She married in April 1945 to Henry Moore.

(1) Johnnie Ray Moore born February 3, 1946. She married in 1964 to Carrol Varnell.

(2) Jo Ann Moore born March 16, 1948. She married Jimmy Mahafey.

(a) Lisa Mahafey born November 30, 1972.
(b) Tony Mahafey born April 30, 1968.

(3) Patricia Fay Moore born January 24, 1951. She married in 1968 to Tommy Noels.

(a) Lance Noels born May 23, 1973

ii. James Paul Evans born September 30, 1941, Benson, Desoto Parish, Louisiana. He married November 9, 1962 to Mertis Ethredge.

(1) James Bentley Evans born January 6, 1966, Benson, Desoto Parish, Louisiana.
(2) Rebecca Annette Evans born July 23, 1968, Benson, Desoto Parish, Louisiana.

k. Floyd Jackson Bissell Sr. born January 20, 1904, Benson, Desoto Parish, Louisiana. He married January 3, 1926 to Dovie Fisher (died April 28, 1980).

i. Mary Lee Bissell born January 18, 1926, Converse, Sabine Parish, Louisiana. She married January 9, 1942 to Manuel Myers.

(1) Sue Myers born January 13, 1946, Mansfield, Desoto Parish, Louisiana. She married January 28, 1964 to David Self.

(a) David Self Jr. born December 23, 1964.
(b) Becky Self born June 22, 1966.

(2) Ann Myers born March 18, 1954, Mansfield, Desoto Parish, Louisiana. She married April 13, 1974 to Jimmie Price.

(a) Jason Price born December 8, 1975.

ii. Floyd Jackson Bissell Jr. born November 1, 1928, Converse, Sabine Parish, Louisiana. He married January 29, 1955 to Margaret Ward.

(1) Debra Lynn Bissell born August 29, 1956, Converse, Sabine Parish, Louisiana. She married January 24, 1976 to Roger Dale Springer.
(2) Gary Randall Bissell born January 3, 1959, Converse, Sabine Parish, Louisiana.
(3) Cynthia Diane Bissell born January 9, 1960, Converse, Sabine Parish, Louisiana.
(4) Thomas Raye ("Tommy") Bissell born September 18, 1964, Converse, Sabine Parish, Louisiana.

iii. Luther Conway Bissell born April 15, 1931, Converse, Sabine Parish, Louisiana. He married January 19, 1951 to Minnie Ola Elliott (born about 1934, died January 23, 1992).

(1) Major Rodney Bissell born November 5, 1954. He married May 14, 1976 to Mary Elizabeth Terracina.
(2) Jerry Bissell born April 8, 1958.
(3) Gregory Bissell born May 30, 1960.

l. Lucy Myrtle Bissell born August 30, 1908, Benson, Desoto Parish, Louisiana, died August 13, 1978, Benson, Desoto Parish, Louisiana. She married first ____ Pruitt, having a child who died at birth, and second on October 20, 1935 to Henry Hughes (died March 7, 1984).

i. Bobbye Jean Hughes born December 20, 1936, Benson, Desoto Parish, Louisiana. She married first in 1960 to Bruce Nelson and second in 1965 to Chester Thurmond.

(1) Loretta Gay Nelson born February 11, 1960.
(2) R. B. Nelson born April 26, 1962.
(3) Benjamin Earl Nelson born November 1, 1963.
(4) Debra Thurmond born October 21, 1966.

3. Aaron Bissell born 1858 in Panola County, Texas, died in 1860.

E. John Bissell was born November 23, 1835, Pike County, Illinois; married October 6, 1856 in Panola County, Texas to Christiana (Christine) Elizabeth Legrone (born about 1836, Texas). They had:

1. Martha M. Bissell born 1857, Texas. She married about 1876 to James A. Barton (born 1850, Arkansas, died 1929 Arkansas).

a. James C. Barton born 1877 Arkansas.
b. Henry H. Barton born 1879 Arkansas.

2. Mary A. Bissell born 1859, Texas.

3. William Allen Bissell born September 30, 1860, Arkansas and died February 8, 1942. He married S. E. Kyle (born Nov. 1860, died Jan. 6, 1937).

4. Thomas Jefferson Bissell, born February 16, 1862, Arkansas and died September 3, 1945. He married Mary Jane Pinkerton (born Jan. 23, 1859, died Feb. 27, 1918).

5. Alfred Bissell II, born 1865, Arkansas. He married Sara Lemintine Townsend (sister to Lucinda). [The following information was submitted by Tamorah Vines Turner.]

a. Nancy Ann Pearlie Bissell married Erbert Lee Lancaster

b. Phoebe Gladys Bissell married Chester Homer Vines

c. May Bissell married Jones Wilder Fox

d. Dollie Bissell married Jesse Newton Fox; she is the grandmother of correspondent Terry Fox, who supplied marriage information on several members of this family.

e. Cora Bissell married Palmer Winchell

f. Frank Bissell married Rena Fox

g. John Bissell

6. Charlotte Bissell, born 1868, Arkansas, married Feb. 7, 1883 to John Benjamin Franklin Givens (born Apr. 26, 1865, died August 1953). She is the ancestress of the husband of Janet A. Givens, who has furnished some corrections and additions for online postings of Arkansas Bissell data.

7. Elizabeth Bissell, born 1869, Arkansas and died before 1880.

8. John Bissell Jr., born 1873, Arkansas. He married Mary C. (Doshi) Barton.

a. Clarence Bissell born 1892, married Ina Bowers.

i. John Bissell married Emily Jo Wilson

(1) Johnny Bissell
(2) Matilda Bissell

ii. Jimmy Bissell married Judy Faugh

b. Henry Livingston ("Liv") Bissell married Vera Ferguson

i. Mary Lee Bissell married Harold Lyons

(1) Ronnie Lyons
(2) Bill Lyons
(3) Gary Lyons
(4) Ann Lyons

ii. Wayne Bissell married Helen Reeves

(1) Terry Bissell
(2) Jodi Bissell

c. Jessie Bissell born 1896, married Alvin Stone

i. Dorothy Stone married Bryant McCombs

(1) Barbara McCombs
(2) Patricia McCombs
(3) Larry McCombs
(4) Jerry McCombs

d. Fred Bissell born 1898, married Irene Reeder

i. Rena Maye Bissell
ii. Sarah Margaret Bissell married Garland Lay

(1) Michael Lay
(2) Peggy Lay
(3) Janet Lay

iii. James Allen ("Bo") Bissell married Rose Barber

(1) Pam Bissell
(2) Patty Bissell
(3) Jeff Bissell

iv. Reeder Bissell married Katherine Young

(1) Beth Bissell
(2) Marsha Bissell

e. John T. Bissell born 1901, married Odean Jacques

i. Charles Bissell married Dottie Nervell Clegg

(1) David Bissell
(2) Barry Bissell

ii. Helen Bissell married Glen House

f. Margaret Elizabeth ("Aunt Maggie") Bissell born 1903, family historian.

g. James David ("Jim") Bissell born 1907, married Faye Burkhalter

h. Nell Bissell born 1909

i. Tacy Bissell born 1912, married T. J. Copeland

i. James Carrol Copeland

ii. Jewel ("Hank") Copeland married Brenda Hill

(1) Sharon Copeland
(2) David Copeland
(3) Scott Copeland

iii. Betty Copeland married Tommy Sanford

(1) Michael Sanford
(2) Joy Sanford

[Thanks to Margaret Elizabeth Bissell and Sarah Bissell Lay for this data.]

9. Henry A. Bissell, born 1876, Arkansas. He married Arcadia (Arkie) Dyer.

10. Benjamin F. Bissell, born 1879, Arkansas and died December 22, 1916. He married Boadie Dyer (Arkie's sister).

F. Henry Bissell, born September 21, 1838, Caddo Parish, Louisiana. He married first around 1864 in Arkansas to Loucetta (Setty) Henry (born about 1846, Missouri, died before 1870, Pike County, Arkansas); married second September 8, 1870 at Center Point, Arkansas to Lucinda Elizabeth Townsend (born January 18, 1858, Alabama, died August 4, 1912, buried Springs Chapel Cemetery, Hugo, Oklahoma). He died April 27, 1902 and is buried at Witherspoon Cemetery. Henry and Setty had four children, and Henry and Lucinda had nine children:

1. Lucettia Emily Bissell, born January 18, 1865, Arkansas. She married February 21, 1910 to Grant (Gant?) Price.

2. William Shelton Bissell, born January 18, 1866, Arkansas and died December 30, 1941, Centerpoint, Arkansas. He married Laura Lucinda Blackwood.

a. Lora Azalee Bissell born 1889, married October 29, 1905, Lewis Jackson Grimes

i. Lois A. Grimes married first Paul Watson, died 1977.

(1) Jack Columbus Watson married Rusty ____.

(a) Marilyn Watson
(b) _____ Watson
(c) Jackie Watson

(2) Delbert Lewis Watson

ii. Joe Warlick Grimes married Agnes Dunlap.

(1) Donald Joe Grimes born 1936, married Annie Lou Williams.

(a) Angela D'Ann Grimes born 1969
(b) Jennifer Melynn Grimes born 1971
(c) Gregory Joe Grimes born 1974

(2) Raymond Dennis Grimes born 1941, married first in 1963 to Glenda Copeland; married second in 1977 to Rae Nell Hansen.

(a) Christy Paige Grimes born 1964
(b) Julianna Kay Grimes born 1967
(c) Catherine Michelle Grimes born 1968
(d) Russell Jodennis Grimes born 1978

iii. Lewis Emil Grimes born 1911, married second Maudie Lee McCrory.

(1) (Miss) Billy Lee Prince (stepdaughter)

(2) Sandra Grimes married Jimmy Daniels

(a) Billy Daniels
(b) Christopher Ryan Daniels

iv. Floy Mae Grimes born 1913, married Willard Pete ("Dood") Brake.

(1) Betty Jo Brake born 1931, married first Kenneth Douglas Webb, married second Alfred Wayne Norris.

(a) Kenneth Douglas Webb Jr. born 1948, married Barbara Dale Wesley. (i) Chad Wesley Webb born 1974. (ii) Brad Houston Webb born 1975.
(b) Jachyllis Carol Webb born 1948, married Jackie Hogueland. (i) Heath Ellis Hogueland born 1974. (ii) Lorrie Deland Hogueland born 1978.
(c) Willard Cecil Webb born 1950, married Mary Elizabeth Fenogolic.
(d) Jacky Bob Webb born 1954, married Paul June Admirs.

(2) Nora Jane Brake born 1934, married first Billy Dean Sanders, married second Chester Lee Butts.

(a) Billy Dean Sanders Jr. born 1952, married first Cynthia Ann Skidmore, married second Gail Hornbecker. (i) Shawn Torre Sanders born 1972.

(b) Debra Jan Sanders born 1954, married Douglas Wade Northcott. (i) Tonya Michelle Northcott born 1972. (ii) Laura Renee Northcott born 1975.

(c) Ernest Dan Sanders born 1955, died 1962.

(d) Karen Jo Sanders married first Charles Ray Alderson, married second Billy Hughes. (i) Jeffrey Kirk Alderson born 1973. (ii) Shea Nicole Alderson born 1976. (iii) Shawnna Sue Alderson born 1978.

(e) Wesley Shane Butts stillborn 1971
(f) Misty Lee Butts 1975

(3) Lily Carolyn Brake born 1939, married Richard Hopke

(a) Richard Brake Hopke born 1976

v. Myrtle Ivy/Marian Iva Grimes born 1916, married first Cecil Worley.

(1) Phyllis Ann Worley married first ____ Lolly, married second Jack Snyder (no issue).

(a) Russell Lance Lolly born 1957, married Sandi Suddereth.
(b) Michell Lane Lolly born 1960.

(2) Melvin Joe Worley married Babs ____.

(a) Wayne Worley
(b) Cheryl Worley

(3) Doris Jean Worley -- two or three children.

vi. Miriam Doris Grimes born 1916, married first Leon E. Johnson (no issue), married second Frederick Sherwood Brown II.

(1) Beverley Isabella Brown born 1948, married Robert F. Losey, Jr.
(2) Conrad Alfred Brown born 1951, married Carol Ann Quinlan Lytel.
(3) Frederick Sherwood Brown III born 1954.

b. Walter A. Bissell married Annie Elizabeth Grimes

i. Bynum Anderson Bissell born and died in 1912.

ii. Roy Elbert Bissell born 1913, died 1962, married first Neva Lockhard, married second in 1945 to Lida Wright.

(1) MaryAnn Faust Bissell married first David Clemens, married second Franklin Leo Shook, married third Barry Garner.

(a) Julie Ann Clemens born 1962
(b) David Clemens born 1965
(c) Daniel Benjamin Shook born 1972

(2) Dennis Jay Bissell born 1945, married first Marcia Hobdy, married second Pennie Tanimoto.

(a) Lesley Noel Bissell born 1970, married first David Kravitz, married second Erik Langnes. They had: (i) Luke Langnes born 2001, (ii) Noah Langnes born 2004.

(b) Teal Nicole Bissell born 1975, married Tyler Doggett.

(3) Kathy Sue Bissell born 1959, married Mark Justus. They had:

                        (a) Roy Aderin Justus, born 1987.

                        (b) Logan Asher Justus, born 1990.

iii. William Glen Bissell born 1915, married Edna Gaither

(1) Joyce Lavern Bissell born 1939, married John D. Bissell

(a) Karen Denise Bissell born 1959, married Danny Ray Green.
(b) Kenneth Wayne Bissell born 1961
(c) Brenda Gail Bissell born 1963

(2) Mildred Lucille Bissell born 1942, married Eddie Weatherford.

(a) Danielle Dee Weatherford born 1968

(3) Donald Ray Bissell born 1944, married Carolynn Marjorie Meanear.

(a) Donald Ray Bissell Jr. born 1965
(b) William Earl Bissell born 1966
(c) Sharon Wayne Bissell born 1968

(4) Alma Jean Bissell born 1945, married Arden Massey

(a) Duke Allen Massey born 1966
(b) Sunny Massey born 1973

(5) Glenda Donnell Bissell married Walter Dennis Evans

(a) Jason Keith Evans born 1973
(b) Stephanie Christine Evans born 1975

iv. MargueriteVirginia Bissell born 1917, married Coleman Rufus Burney.

(1) Joyce Evelyn Burney born 1933, married Ralph Hudson.

(a) Michael Ralph Hudson born 1957, married Carrie Dodd.

(2) Ronnie Coleman Burney born 1936, married first Lois Westlake, married second Bonnie ____.

(a) Ronnie Eugene Burney born 1955, married Rerry Lewis. (i) Jennifer Michelle Burney born 1975. (ii) Melissa Dawn Burney born 1978.

(b) Debra Elaine Burney born 1957

(3) Betty Ann Burney born 1938, married George Stratton.

(4) William Earl Burney born 1940, married Patti ____.

(a) David Allen Burney. (i) Gabriel Burney.
(ii) Elijah Burney.

(b) Cindy Allen Burney
(c) Michael Hill Burney born 1958
(d) Ricky Hill Burney born 1961
(e) Lisa Joan Burney born 1967

[This data was extracted from Grimes Family History by Miriam Doris Grimes Brown of Tacoma, Washington. Thanks for all your help, Doris!]

3. Henry Custer Bissell, born March 4, 1867, Arkansas. He married June 27, 1887 to A. A. Alton.
4. Martha Ann Bissell, born February 5, 1868, Arkansas, died before 1877.
5. Thomas Jefferson Bissell, born November 7, 1871, Arkansas and died July 14, 1965. He married August 14, 1892 to Viona (Viola?) Holden.
6. Mary Alice Bissell, born March 4, 1873, Arkansas and died January 11, 1904. She married first October 30, 1892 to John Grice and second September 18, 1897 to Robert Potter.
7. Sarah Elizabeth ("Sary") Bissell, born January 21, 1875, Arkansas and died September 18, 1963. She married first Alonzo Holden, married second ____ Nowell.
8. Martha Mathilda Bissell II, born March 7, 1877, Arkansas and died July 19, 1960. She married August 14, 1892/3 to Jeff Coffman.
9. Dora Bissell, born October 4, 1879, Arkansas and died December 21, 1967. She married C. E. Dunkin.
10. Ada ("Adair", "Adear") Bissell, born November 9, 1881, Arkansas. She married November 17, 1899 to Tom Fox.
11. Nellie ("Nelly") Bissell, born March 21, 1884, Arkansas. She married September 30, 1900 to Buster Gilbert.

12. "Little Babe" Bissell, stillborn June 15, 1886, Arkansas.

13. Minnie Bissell, born June 28, 1888, Newhope, Pike County, Arkansas and died January 10, 1979 in Shawnee, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma. She married February 11, 1907 at Hugo, Oklahoma to James Glenn Helm (born James Perry Biggs, August 11, 1876 in Indiana, died December 23, 1961 in Oklahoma).

a. Maurice Glen Helm born 1908, Hugo, Choctaw County, Oklahoma.

b. Rosa Rhoda Helm born March 10, 1909, Fort Towson, Choctaw, Oklahoma. She married Ed Hill

c. Warren Clark Helm born April 17, 1910, Fort Towson, Choctaw, Oklahoma. He married first Marjorie Harmon and second December 25, 1928 to Vera Ovee Ellis (born January 2, 1911 in Oklahoma) as her first husband. She subsequently married Furman Johnson, John Chadwick, and Ivan Vulgamore.

i. Wade Raymond Helm born before 1928.

ii. Vera Bernice ("Bea") Helm born September 18, 1929, Shawnee, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma. She married first February 29, 1948, Alameda, Alameda County, California to Robert E. Bowler (born November 11, 1927 in Washington) and second to Elmer Zimmer (no issue).

(1) Nicolette Eloise Bowler born June 2, 1949, Alameda, Alameda County, California. She married August 1969 to Clyde Potter.

(a) Debbie Potter

iii. Joan Marlene Helm born February 12, 1931, Shawnee, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma. She married March 11, 1955 to Edward George.

d. Ruby Augusta Helm? born July 26, 1911, Fort Towson, Choctaw County, Oklahoma and died July 20, 1936. She married January 14, 1930 to Marvon Carter.

e. James Thomas Helm born April 16, 1920, El Reno, Canadian County, Oklahoma. He married August 16, 1940 to Maxine Bynum.

f. Hazel Nadine Helm? born July 19, 1925, Shawnee, Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma and died July 15, 1944.

14. Rhoda Bissell, born August 22, 1890, Arkansas and died August 3, 1966. She married William Brunson.

G. Charles Bissell born March 8, 1841, Louisiana/Texas?, died young (before census of 1850).

H. Shelton Bissell born February 7, 1845, Panola County, Texas. Never married. Whereabouts unknown after 1860 census of Polk County, Arkansas. One of the first people buried at Bissells Chapel Cemetery, New Hope, Arkansas.

[Thanks to the following for their help in compiling the above record: Margaret Elizabeth Bissell, William Glenn Bissell, Doris Brown, Otis Dyer, J. T. Helm, Sarah Bissell Lay, and Bea Zimmer.]

For the genealogy of Alfred's father #397 Jerijah Bissell II (1751-1835), click on this link: Connecticut #397 Jerijah Bissell II