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Volume I, Number 2-3--April 1986


"Dear Bissell Researcher"

The Bissell Family Tree (introduction and diagram)
The Bissell Family Tree (article): The British Roots, Connecticut
Connections, Rhode Island Roundup, Special Note


Who Were the Bissells of Jones County, Iowa?
Who Was Luther Bissell of Kay County, Oklahoma?
Who Were W. H. and J. F. Bissell of Ottumwa, Iowa?
The Bissells of Otsego County, New York

Update on "The Bissells of Howard County, Arkansas"
Vital Statistics for Family of Alfred Bissell (1793-1870)
of IL, LA, TX, and AR -- 4th revision, March 1986
Appendix I, Hoskins Family data
Appendix II, Descendants of John Bissell, Jr.
Appendix III, Descendants of William Shelton Bissell
Descendants of David Bissell of Pike County, Illinois


Introduction and Diagram

The Bissells of Otsego County, New York
An Open Letter to Soren Simonson et al, Correcting the Errors
in Jones/Gottschalk: Who Was Samuel Bissell (1799-1849)?
Who Was Samuel Bissell Jr.? Sorting Out Samuel's Grandchildren
Diagram I, The Children of Samuel Bissell of Hartwick, New York
Diagram II, The Relationship between Private Samuel Bissell of
Hartwick, NY and Lieutenant Samuel Bissell of Exeter, RI
Vital Statistics for Descendants of Samuel Bissell of Hartwick,
first two generations

Who Was Christopher Pierce Bissell?
Editorial Cartoon by Charles O. Bissell,
descendant of Christopher Pierce Bissell

Descendants of Aldridge Bissell of Yates County,
New York, first generation

Bissell Research Directory

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Published Quarterly by the Eldon Bissell Memorial Association
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Edited by Roger Bissell, Copyright 1986, 1999

"Dear Bissell Researcher"

Greetings from sunny, southern California! Here, at long last, are issues #2 and 3 of BHAM. We had so much material, we had to make a double issue out of it. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

Now that we've settled into our new home, we again have time for our research on the far-flung Bissell family. We expect great progress in the coming months: an L.D.S. (Mormon) branch library is only three miles away, and the regional branch of the Federal Archives is less than an hour's drive away!

Already we've solved several mysteries -- some of which are written up in special articles for this issue. Four of them are found in this issue's "Connecticut Connections" department. Except for J. F. Bissell, the people mentioned are all descended from Isaac III, one of the Bissells of Otsego County, New York.

Another special article for this issue, "Who Was Christopher Pierce Bissell?", solves a mystery we have worked on since 1977. It shows him to be a descendant of the Rhode Island family through Samuel Bissell of Hartwick, Otsego County, New York. This issue's Rhode Island Roundup also presents a biography of Samuel and a listing of his known children and grandchildren.

The article and diagram on "The Bissell Family Tree" may help those of you who are curious or confused about how the Connecticut and Rhode Island lines are related to each other and to the parent family in England. It also shows their probable descent from the earliest known ancestor, "John of France," alias John Bysselle.

Finally, we'd like to take note of the many fine responses we received to our first issue (published in June of 1985). Thank you all for your encouragement, helpful suggestions, and patience!

Especially welcome was the additional valuable information on the descendants of David and Jerijah II. We are pleased to share it, and additional information it helped us find, with you in this issue.

[signed] Roger
Roger Bissell

P.S. -- Quite often, you will notice, we use abbreviations for Connecticut (CT), Rhode Island (RI), New York (NY), etc. For our Bissell Family Tree notation, however, we use simply C and R. We hope this is not confusing to anyone.

The Bissell Family Tree

by Roger Bissell

Some of you are bound to be curious about the "Big Picture" -- i.e., not only about how your own line ties in to the Connecticut or Rhode Island Bissells, but how all the lines relate to each other. Here, then, is a basic diagram and discussion to help bring us up to date.

"John Bysselle of France"

1. John Bissell died after 1611

a. John Bissell died 1658

i. Thomas Bissell

ii. John Bissell Jr. died 1647

2. Thomas Bissell born about 1565, died 1611

a. Captain John Bissell born 1590, died 1677, founder of the Connecticut Bissell family, came to Massachusetts about 1630, to Connecticut about 1635.

i. C1--Lieutenant Thomas Bissell

(1) C1a--Thomas Bissell II
(2) C1b--John Bissell of Lebanon, Connecticut
(3) C1c--Lt. Isaac Bissell of Litchfield, Connecticut
(4) C1d--Ephraim Bissell of Tolland, Connecticut

ii. C2--Samuel Bissell

(1) C2a--John Bissell
(2) C2b--Samuel Bissell II
(3) C2c--Joshua Bissell

iii. C3--John Bissell II

(1) C3a--Daniel Bissell
(2) C3b--Josiah Bissell
(3) C3c--Jeremiah Bissell

iv. C4--Nathaniel Bissell

(1) C4a--Nathaniel Bissell
(2) C4b--Jonathan Bissell
(3) C4c--Lt. David Bissell

b. Thomas Bissell born about 1595, stayed in or returned to England.

i. Samuel Bissell born 1623 in England

(1) Thomas Bissell born 1643 in England, died 1725 in Rhode Island, founder of the Rhode Island Family in America, came to Rhode Island about 1708.

(a) R1--Job Bissell

(i) R1a--Job Bissell II

(b) R2--Samuel Bissell

(i) R2a--John Bissell
(ii) R2b--Samuel Bissell

[Important note: it is now known that Thomas Bissell, founder of the Rhode Island Bissells was not the son of Captain John's nephew Samuel Bissell, but instead of Captain John's cousin John Bissell. See next section. The relationship between the two American Bissell clans is thus more remote than is shown above. This will be explained in more detail in a future issue of BHAM. ]

The British Roots

It is believed that John Bissell (Bysselle) of France fled from persecution of the Huguenots during the Purge of St. Bartholemew, emigrating to England in 1572 with one or more sons. We currently believe that there were two sons: Thomas Bissell, the ancestor of both the Connecticut and Rhode Island lines, and his brother John Bissell.

A will for Thomas Bissell dated 1611 shows an older son and executor, John, who was at least 21 at the time, and a younger son, Thomas. We presume, but cannot prove, that:

This older son, John, was Captain John Bissell, who was born in 1590 and would have been just 21 in 1611. Captain John came to Massachusetts around 1630 and stayed on to establish the Connecticut line of Bissells, when he relocated at Windsor, Connecticut about 1638.

This younger son, Thomas Bissell, born about 1595-1600, is the one who (according to legend) came to America around 1630 with Captain John, but returned to England. We also assume that this Thomas is the father of the Samuel Bissell born in England in 1623, listed in the Jones book's appendix on the Rhode Island Bissells. This Samuel had a son, Thomas Bissell born in England in 1643, who came to America about 1708, founding the Rhode Island line of Bissells. [1999: This is now known to be incorrect. The father of Thomas Bissell, the Rhode Island Bissell family founder, was not Captain John's nephew Samuel but John, a cousin of Captain John. For more details, click on this link: Revised Rhode Island Bissell Genealogy.]

In the Connecticut family, there are four main branches from Captain John's son: (C1) Lieutenant Thomas Bissell, (C2) Samuel Bissell, (C3) John Bissell II, and (C4) Nathaniel Bissell.

In the Rhode Island family, there are two main branches from Thomas' sons: (R1) Job Bissell and (R2) Samuel Bissell.

Connecticut Connections

Lieutenant Thomas Bissell (C1) had four sons with traced descendants in the Jones book: (C1a) Thomas Bissell II, (C1b) John Bissell of Lebanon, CT, (C1c) Lieutenant Isaac Bissell of Litchfield, CT, and (C1d) Ephraim Bissell of Tolland, CT .

(C1a) Thomas Bissell II was the father of the lines who went to Pike County, Illinois and Howard County, Arkansas [1999: by way of Louisiana and Texas](see issue #1), Ontario County, New York, Lenawee County, Michigan, Lucas County, Ohio, and possibly Schuyler County, Illinois.

It was originally thought that (C1b) John Bissell of Lebanon, Connecticut was the founder of the Rhode Island Bissells, but this was disproved by Katherine Gottschalk. Instead, he was the father of one of the lines that went to Otsego County, New York in the early 1800s (see issue #4), a line originally said to have descended from John II. Extensive additions to the Jones listings have been made by Freeman Morgan, Jr.

(C1c) Lt. Isaac Bissell was the father of another line, some of which went to Otsego County, New York. We have added many names to the Jones listings of this line (see the article elsewhere in this issue).

We haven't added anything to (C1d) Ephraim Bissell's line yet.

Samuel Bissell (C2) had three sons with traced descendants in the Jones book: (C2a) John Bissell, (C2b) Samuel Bissell II, and (C2c) Joshua Bissell. Thanks to the wonderful book by Harry Elton Bissell on Morgan Bissell's descendants, we have many names to add to the Jones listings for John Bissell (C2a).

John Bissell II (C3) had three sons with traced descendants in the Jones book: (C3a) Daniel Bissell, (C3b) Josiah Bissell, and (C3c) Jeremiah Bissell. Daniel Bissell's line (C3a) led to Daniel Bissell the Spy and other New York Bissells, the Bissells of Alabama, and Jabez Fitch Bissell of Ottumwa, Iowa (see article this issue). Josiah Bissell (C3b) had lines in Rochester, New York, Minnesota, and Michigan. Jeremiah Bissell (C3c) is untraced as yet but apparently moved to Vermont.

Nathaniel Bissell (C4) had three sons with traced descendants in the Jones book: (C4a) Nathaniel Bissell II, (C4b) Jonathan Bissell, and (C4c) Lieutenant David Bissell. Jonathan Bissell (C4b) had a line that went to Michigan. Lieut. David Bissell (C4c) had lines that went to Ohio and to Oneida County, New York (see issue #5).

Rhode Island Roundup

Job Bissell (R1) had one son who has been traced: Job Bissell II, both of whose children died in infancy.

Samuel Bissell (R2) had three sons who were traced by Jones: (R2a) John Bissell (male children died without issue), (R2b) Samuel Bissell, and (R2c) Thomas Bissell.

(R2b) Samuel Bissell had one line traced by Jones: Pvt. Samuel Bissell, who went to Otsego County, New York (see article this issue); and another line we traced in issue #1: David Bissell, whose son Aldridge, went to Yates County, New York.

(R2c) Thomas Bissell had three male lines traced by Jones. One went to North Carolina (see issue #4), one went to Connecticut, and one stayed in Rhode Island.

Note: there is a special diagram in the "Rhode Island Roundup" section that shows the descendants of Samuel Bissell (R2b). It is a continuation of the Bissell Family Tree outline that accompanies this article. We will try to do something similar for each of the families we discuss.

Special Note

We frequently refer to "Jones" or "the Jones book." This refers to the 1939 Edward Payson Jones book (now out of print): Genealogy of the Descendants of John Bissell of Windsor Connecticut by 1640. With all of its errors, omissions, and loose ends, it still remains the single best source for tracing our roots. (It is available on microfilm from the L.D.S. Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.)

Connecticut Connections

In this issue we present three special articles, whose subjects all have one thing in common: descent from a Connecticut line of Bissells in Otsego County, New York.

Who Were the Bissells of Jones County, Iowa?

by Roger Bissell

One eastern Iowa county my father researched while tracking down the lineage of our elusive ancestor Pierce B. Bissell was Jones County, west of Dubuque, Iowa. A genealogist of that area sent us some interesting data:

(1) In Ellis/Hazel Green Cemetery is buried Ruth Bissell, wife of J. C. [I. C.] Bissell, d. Oct. 15, 1867, age 31 years, three months, eight days.

(2) Early marriages -- Isaac Bissell m. Ruth P. House, 10 Jan 1858. Hulda Bissell m. John B. McQueen, 9 Feb 1854. Isaac Bissell m. Margaret Jacobs.

(3) 1879 history -- Wm. Hamilton m. Loraine Bissell in 1854. John B. McQueen m. Huldah L. Bissell, a native of NY. D. J. Bissell was vice grand of Odd Fellows lodge at Anamosa.

Starting with the name Huldah, we find the only likely candidate in the Jones book to be the daughter of Benjamin and Lorraine (Johnson) Bissell of Otsego County, New York. She was born in 1805, however, so this would have been a rather late marriage for her. Also, Benjamin did not die until 1859, and there is no record of a divorce, so Lorraine's 1854 marriage was a puzzle, too. Still, the other names -- D. J. (Daniel Johnson), Isaac, and Lorraine -- did match, so it seemed we were on the right track.

We then looked in the Ohio census records, since Jones had tracked some of them to Medina County, Ohio, and we hit paydirt:

1850: Benjamin Bissell, 68, born CT, Lorain, 70, MA, Ruby, 42, NY, Lois, 33, NY, Daniel, 44, NY, Lucinda, 38, CT, Huldah S., 18, NY, Lorain, S., 16, NY, Newel Gile, 10, OH. (Daniel's was a separate household.)

1860: J. B. Bissell, 50, born NY, Harriet M., 44, MA, Benjamin A., 24, NY, Sally A., 33, NY, John H., 2, OH.

Obviously, "D. J." Bissell of Jones County was Benjamin's son, Daniel Johnson Bissell -- but "Huldah" was D. J.'s daughter (not Benjamin's), and "Lorain" was D. J.'s daughter (not Benjamin's widow). "Isaac" may have been Benjamin's son, Isaac -- or another, yet unknown grandson [1999: the latter, a son of Isaac]. At this time, a complete listing of Benjamin Bissell's descendants cannot be made, but here is what we have:

Benjamin Bissell, born March 24, 1782, died July 1, 1859, lived in Otsego and Chenango Counties, New York and Medina County, Ohio. He married Lorraine Johnson (born April 29, 1780, died May 22, 1859). They had:

1. Hulda Bissell, born March 19, 1805, New York.

2. Daniel Johnson Bissell, born June 5, 1806, New York, married Lucinda ___ of Connecticut, went to Jones County, Iowa. They had:

a. Hulda S. Bissell, born 1832, New York, married John B. McQueen, 1854.
b. Lorain S. Bissell, born 1834, New York, married William Hamilton, 1854.
c. Newel Gile Bissell, born 1840, Ohio.

3. Ruby Bissell, born October 3, 1807, New York.

4. John Benjamin Bissell, born December 6, 1809, New York, died February 29, 1892, Chatham, Ohio, married Harriet M. Parker of Massachusetts. They had:

a. Benjamin Austin Bissell, born July 1, 1836, married Sally A. Fellows.

i. John H. Bissell, born 1858.
ii. Riley Austin Bissell, born April 19, 1862, died May 1945, married Cora Inman; they had Eugene R. Bissell, who lived at Oakland, California.

5. Lois Bissell, born 1811, New York, died young.

6. Isaac Bissell, born 1812, New York (went to Jones County, Iowa?)[1999: yes, but first to Medina County, Ohio and Knox County, Illinois, where he appeared in the 1850 and 1860 censuses], married Saloma ____, born 1812, New York. They had:

a. Celesta Bissell, born 1834, New York.

b. Harman Bissell, born 1835, New York, married Carrie F. Mead, lived at Galesburg, Illinois; died about 1863 in the Civil War.

i. Nellie Adelaide Bissell, who married April 1, 1879 to Oscar Valentine
ii. Josie Bissell.

c. Isaac C. Bissell, born 1838, New York, lived in Jones County, Iowa, married first January 10, 1858 to Ruth P. House (born July 7, 1836, died October 15, 1867), married second Margaret Jacobs.

d. Louis (Lois) Bissell, born 1846, Ohio

e. A. S. Bissell (male), born 1851, New York.

7. Lois B. Bissell, born 1817, New York.

8. Henry H. Bissell, born 1820, New York (went to Erie County, Pennsylvania?)[1999: to Medina County, Ohio by 1850 and to Jones County, Iowa by 1860].

Who Was Luther Bissell of Kay County, Oklahoma?

by Roger Bissell

In researching some other Oklahoma Bissells recently, I happened upon a Luther Bissell and family in the 1900 census of Kay County. He was of special interest, because my great-great-grandfather, Pierce B. Bissell, had several grandchildren with the same names (italicized below). These parallels led me to wonder if Luther's father (whoever he was) might be one of Pierce B's yet-unidentified brothers who supposedly came to Illinois with him around 1840. If so, we might at last know who Pierce B's parents were.

The 1900 and 1910 census of Kay County, Oklahoma and the 1880 census of Cherokee County, Kansas showed the following data, which we summarize below:

Luther Bissell, born August 1850, Illinois, father born in New York (or Connecticut?), mother born in Kentucky (or Illinois?), wife Elizabeth, born November 1853, Illinois, father born in England, mother born in Scotland. Six or seven children:

1. Charles Levi Bissell, born September 1873, Illinois, wife Jennie, born Kansas. Four children:

a. Alice Naomi Bissell, born March 1900, Oklahoma, died before 1910.
b. Lorene Bissell, born 1902, Oklahoma.
c. Buford L. Bissell, born 1904, Oklahoma.
d. Adrian L. Bissell, born 1910, Oklahoma.

2. Robert L. Bissell, born 1876, Kansas, wife Della, born Kansas. Three children:

a. Elaner Bissell, born 1902, Oklahoma.
b. Alma Bissell, born 1906, Oklahoma.
c. Ethel Bissell, born 1908, Oklahoma.

3. Edgar Bissell, born 1882, Kansas, wife Alda, born Indiana. Six children:

a. Lester B. Bissell, born 1901, Oklahoma.
b. Mamie E. Bissell, born 1902, Oklahoma.
c. Chester A. Bissell, born 1904, Oklahoma.
d. Mildred R. Bissell, born 1906, Oklahoma.
e. Ella M. Bissell, born 1908, Oklahoma.
f. Eva C. Bissell, born 1910, Oklahoma.

4. Lula (?) Bissell, born 1883, Arkansas (living with them as widow in 1910 census).

5. Harry O. Bissell, born 1884, Illinois.

6. Alva Binney Bissell, born 1887, Missouri. (Note: Pierce B's grandson, Alva Bissell was also living in Oklahoma in 1900.)

7. Leo L. Bissell, born 1892, Missouri.

Looking back into Illinois census and L. D. S. records, we find that Luther's wife's maiden name was Elizabeth Binney, and that Luther was one of two children born to Harman Bissell and his wife, Mary Ellen Martin. They married around 1849 and had Luther on August 21, 1850 in Montgomery County and Hannah on April 9, 1852 in Macoupin County. In the 1850 census of Montgomery County, they appeared as Harman age 34, born New York, Mary age 25, born Kentucky, Luther age 1/12, born Illinois. Also in the household were Hannah Bissell, age 61, born Connecticut (presumably Harman's mother) and Lydia Bissell, age 30, born New York (probably Harman's sister).

It appears that Harman and Mary Ellen died by 1855. The 1855 Macoupin County census did list "H. Bissell" as head of a household, but the only male was age 0-10 (Luther), and the females were 0-10 (Hannah), 30-40 (probably Lydia), and 70-80 (undoubtedly Hannah). Also, in the 1860 Macoupin County census were Hannah age 78, Lydia age 35, Luther age 10, and Hannah age 8.

Looking in the Jones book, we find that Harman was one of seven children of Luther Bissell (1773-1835), a son of Isaac Bissell III of Otsego County, New York -- and that Hannah was his widow. Luther's daughter, "Laura" (in the Jones book), was probably the Lydia Bissell of Harman's household. Luther's son William H. Bissell of Monroe County, Illinois was governor of Illinois and died in office in 1860. (He was nowhere to be found in 1850, but the daughters of his first marriage, Mary Josephine Bissell and Rhoda Emma Bissell, were living in St. Clair County, Illinois [1999: in the household of a Cissell (?) family from Kentucky, and they were listed in the census with the italicized names, Josephine and Rhoda. William H. Bissell married again in 1851. He owned an enormous amount of land in Illinois, according to Federal land records.]

Another of Luther's sons, Franklin Bissell, was in the 1840 Madison County, Illinois census, but he seems to have died before 1850. The 1840 census shows him as one of two males age 20-30, along with one female 20-30 and one female 50-60. Chances are, the older woman was Luther's widow, Hannah, and the younger woman either Franklin's wife [1999: no] or his and Harman's sister, Lydia [1999: probably]. The two males were Franklin and [1999: probably] Harman.

[1999: the material in the following paragraph is substantially re-written from the original edition.] Also in Madison County, Illinois in 1840 was Lawrence Bissell, who had moved to Macoupin County, Illinois by the 1850 census, which showed him as born in New York about 1813. He had a wife and family, including a son Henry, age 4, born in Illinois. He appears again in the 1855 state census of Macoupin County, then in the 1860 Madison County, Illinois census]. Whose son was he? Our current best guess [1999] is that he was a grandson of Benjamin Bissell, 1761-1841 of Otsego County, New York and Lake County, Ohio.] His sister, Angeline Bissell, born 1817, New York, married John Bess in 1839 in Madison County, and lived in Macoupin County in 1850. We think they had a brother, John H. Bissell, also born in New York, about 1809, who was in the 1850 Michigan census; he had a daughter named Angeline. We will write about this Otsego County, New York family in a future issue.

Leaving this mystery, we return to the question of Pierce B. Bissell's relation to Harman, Franklin, etc. Could he be their brother? [1999: no.] Perhaps, but it was probably not he that was in Franklin's household in 1840, but Harman. We will have to look elsewhere to find Pierce B. in the 1840 census, even if he did come west with these two [1999: no] as one of "three brothers" around 1840.

[1999: the material in the following two paragraphs is substantially re-written from the single paragraph in the original edition.] Before moving on, here is one further puzzle that tantalized us: a pair of Bissells in Knox County, Illinois. One of them was another Harman D. Bissell, born about 1835 in New York, who married Carrie Mead and lived in Galesburg, before dying in the Civil War about 1863. Who was his father? Originally we assumed that he was a brother of Lewis Bissell, who was in Knox County in the 1855 and 1860 and 1870 censuses, and that Harman and his wife were in Lewis' 1855 household (which listed only the head of the house). Later, we realized that this was not so, when we discovered a listing in the 1860 census of Knox County that revealed Harman to be instead the son of Isaac Bissell, son of Benjamin of Otsego County, New York and Medina County, Ohio, discussed in the preceding article, and thus not a close relative of the Harman Bissell in Macoupin County, Illinois.

Lewis Bissell, born about 1820 in Vermont, was living in Coply Township, Knox County in 1855 and in Galva, Linn Township, Knox County in 1860 and 1870, and his family included wife Caroline, born about 1820 in Massachusetts, Henry, born about 1848 in "Indian Country" (or "Indian Territory"), May (or Mary), born about 1850 in "Indian Country" ("...Territory"), Lizy/Elizabeth, born 1855 in Illinois, Julia C., born 1858 in Illinois, and Jennie, born 1861 in Illinois. We felt confident that Lewis was the father of Henry M. Bissell, who was listed in the 1880 census of Macoupin County, Illinois as being 32, born Indian Territory, father born in Vermont, mother born in Massachusetts, with wife Ella 27, born New York, sister Blanche 26, born Illinois, and son M. Henry 1, born Illinois. (We assume that Blance and Elizabeth above are the same person: Elizabeth Blanche Bissell.) Henry's being in Macoupin County led us to wonder if his father Lewis might be an unknown brother of Harman, William H., etc. However, a search of Jones' book shows that Lewis was the son of Austin Bissell of Wardsboro, Vermont. (For the record, Austin was a son of Ozias Bissell II of Colebrook, New Hampshire, and the line of descent comes down through Ozias Bissell, John Bissell II, John Bissell, Samuel Bissell, from Captain John Bissell.) One final note: it is also possible that the Lewis Bissell listed in another household in the 1850 census of Morgan County, Illinois as a single man with occupation of Bible salesman could have been the same person as the one listed above as having a family in "Indian Territory" during the period 1848-50; he may simply have been "on the road," travelling his route, with his wife and children back at home (in Kansas? Nebraska?) .

Who Were W. H. and J. F. Bissell of Ottumwa, Iowa?

by Roger Bissell

Another eastern Iowa county my father researched was Wapello County, where he found a couple of families that seemed as if they could be relatives of Pierce B. Bissell. The 1895 state census of Ottumwa showed a George Bissell born 1857 in Wapello County. His children had several names the same as Pierce B. Bissell's grandchildren: Henry, William, and Blanche. Also, there was another George Bissell born 1866 in Illinois, Benjamin Bissell born 1864 in Illinois, and a Joseph F. Bissell born 1831 in New York. (We later found this last was an error, that it was Jabez F., not Joseph F.)

Wapello County cemetery records showed J. F. Bissell lived 1830 to 1908, and another Bissell, William, lived 1833 to 1887. It seems as if they were brothers, and that George M. Bissell and Benjamin Bissell were "Joseph's" sons, while the other George Bissell was William's son. L. D. S. records showed William Henry Bissell married Sarah Chapman and George Luther Bissell married Mary Morgan Saunders. Naturally, we then suspected that William and "Joseph" were sons of Luther Bissell II, a brother of Governor William Bissell and Harman Bissell of Illinois, especially since "Joseph's" sons were born in Illinois.

Then, just last year, Jean Robinson, who was researching another line entirely, told us of a lady, Viola Bissell, whose grandfather and husband's grandfather were Joseph H. Bissell and William Henry Bissell, both sons of Luther Bissell II ! Eureka!

Of course, we assumed the "H" initial was a typo, and that the "Joseph F" Bissell of Ottumwa was William Bissell's brother. Not so! As Viola and her grandson, Barry Smith of Campbell, California, pointed out, Joseph H. Bissell lived in Stanhope, New Jersey. So, whoever "Joseph F." Bissell was, he was not William's brother. (See below.)

By putting together family, census, cemetery, and L. D. S. records, we arrive at the following list:

Luther Bissell II, born September 18, 1801, New York, died October 24, 1838, married Elizabeth Manning in 1827. Six children:

1. Isaac L. Bissell, born November 21, 1828, Paterson, New Jersey, died April 30, 1858, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

2. Mary Elizabeth Bissell, born February 8, 1830, married James Fleming.

3. Joseph H. Bissell, born April 2, 1831, Harpersville, New York, died March 23, 1894, Stanhope, New Jersey, married Susan J. Oliver. They had:

a. Thomas Jefferson Bissell, born Stanhope, died New Jersey, married Clara Louise Seitz (1868-1958). They had:

i. Lynette Nina Bissell, born 1888
ii. Albert Cyril Bissell, born 1893
iii. Lillian Viola Bissell, born September 29, 1892, Summit, New Jersey, married Boyd Larkin Bissell (see below for descendants).

i. Lynette Nina Bissell, born 1888
ii. Albert Cyril Bissell, born 1893
iii. Lillian Viola Bissell, born September 29, 1892, Summit, New Jersey, married Boyd Larkin Bissell (see below for descendants).

i. Lynette Nina Bissell, born 1888
ii. Albert Cyril Bissell, born 1893
iii. Lillian Viola Bissell, born September 29, 1892, Summit, New Jersey, married Boyd Larkin Bissell (see below for descendants).

b. Joseph Bissell, born Stanhope, married Sophie Skewes.
c. May (Mary) Bissell, born Stanhope, married Emerson Stine.
d. Harry Bissell, born Stanhope.
e. William Bissell, born Stanhope.
f. Lou (Luther) Bissell, born Hoboken, New Jersey.
g. John Bissell, born Hoboken (?), married Carrie Shires.

4. William Henry Bissell, born May 31, 1833, Centerville, New York, died September 2, 1887, Ottumwa, Iowa, married Sarah Chapman (1831-1901, born Pennsylvania). They had:

a. George Luther Bissell, born about 1857, Wapello County, Iowa, married Mary Morgan Saunders (born 1859, Missouri). They had:

i. Elsie K. Bissell, born about 1881, Mahaska County, Iowa.
ii. Harry G. Bissell, born about 1882, Wapello County.
iii. Fred L. Bissell, born about 1885, Wapello County.
iv. William Calvin Bissell, born about 1887, Wapello County, died 1920, Ottumwa, Iowa.
v. Blanche J. Bissell, born about 1889, Wapello County.
vi. Mary Z. Bissell, born about 1891, Wapello County.
vii. Joe/George E. Bissell, born about 1893, Wapello County.
viii. Lewis/Louis S. Bissell, born about 1895, Wapello County, died in World War I.

b. Joseph O. Bissell.
c. Eve Elizabeth Bissell, married Benjamin Manning.
d. Traby E. Bissell

e. May Bissell, married ____ Sullivan.

f. Nelson Clifton Bissell, married Minnie E. Larkin, 1891. They had:

i. Boyd Larkin Bissell, born September 29, 1892 (same as wife, listed above), Washington State (town of Guy or Albion), married Viola Bissell, June 18, 1918, New York City. They had:

(a) Nina Louise Bissell, born October 19, 1919, married Ernest Blake. They had Ronald Blake, who married Penny Fuller; and Kenneth Blake, who married Susan ____, who had Christopher Blake (born May 1971) and Andrew David Blake.

(b) Marie Leola Bissell, born November 12, 1925, married Leonard Smith. They had Roy Leonard Smith, married Marsha Koenig and had Evan Smith and Erin Smith; and Barry Arthur Smith, born September 29, 1952, married Claudia Ray and had Mark Smith, Kyle Smith, and Kevin Smith.

ii. Roy Sylvester Bissell, born October 28, 1894, married Lillian Makin, January 18, 1922. They had:

(a) Donna Beth Bissell, married ____ Hammer, had two sons.

iii. Elsie Cordelia Bissell, born August 17, 1905, married Caesar De Narde. They had David De Narde, who married.

5. Catherine A. Bissell, born January 29, 1836, Matteawan, New York, married Charles H. Jackson.

6. Sarah A. Bissell, born December 5, 1838, died May 1839.

Now, who was "Joseph F." Bissell of Ottumwa, Iowa? Back to the census records! The 1880 Wapello County, Iowa census showed a Fitch J. Bissle, 50, born New York, with sons Benjamin and George M. Aha! The name sounded familiar, so we checked the Jones book, which showed a Jabez Fitch Bissell (1791-1869) of Lebanon, Connecticut, Greenfield, Massachusetts, and Leroy, New York, where he died. Could Fitch J. Bissell be his son? We then checked the 1900 census, which shows Jaby F. Bissell, age 69, born New York, same wife, same daughters. And the Illinois Civil War records show Jabez Bissell, born about 1830, county unidentified. This had to be our man: Jabez Fitch Bissell, Jr., brother of Calvin Fitch Bissell and L. G. Bissell of Leroy, Genessee County, New York.

Where does Jabez Fitch Bissell fit into the Bissell Family Tree? The outline below shows that he descends from (C3a) Cornet Daniel Bissell, one of the sons of (C3) John Bissell II:

Cornet Daniel Bissell of Windsor, Connecticut (1663-1738), married first in 1692 to Margaret Dewey. They had:

Daniel Bissell II (1694-1770), married first in 1717 to Jerusha Fitch, lived at Windsor. They had:

Jabez Bissell (1721-?), married Dorcas Marsh, lived at Windsor and Hebron, Connecticut, and Greenfield, Massachusetts. They had:

Jonathan Marsh Bissell (1761/2-?), married Submit Cushman. They had:

Jabez Fitch Bissell (1791-1869), married Elizabeth Bascom, lived at Lebanon, Connecticut, Greenfield, Massachusetts, and Leroy, New York. They had three sons:

1. Calvin Fitch Bissell (1818-?), born Massachusetts, lived Leroy, New York, married Sarah A. ____. They had: (a) David J. Bissell, born 1845, New Hampshire, (b) John C. Bissell, born 1847, New Hampshire.

2. L. G. Bissell (1822-?), born Massachusetts, lived Leroy, New York, married Mary Ann ____. They had: (a). Mary Bissell, born 1845, New York

3. Jabez Fitch Bissell Jr. (1830-1908), born New York, lived in Illinois and Ottumwa, Iowa, married Adaline ____. They had: (a) Benjamin J. Bissell, born 1863, Illinois, married Lucy May ____ (born 1871, Iowa). They had: (i) Ralph H. Bissell, born 1890, Iowa, (ii) Ora Bissell, born 1892, Iowa, (iii) Viola Bissell, born 1899, Iowa; (b) George M. Bissell, born 1866, Illinois, married Daisy ____ (born 1861, Iowa); (c) Kate Bissell, born 1869, Illinois; (d) Adaline M. Bissell, born 1875, Iowa.

The Bissells of Otsego County, New York

by Roger Bissell

Now that we have traced the descendants of Luther Bissell's sons, Luther Bissell II and Harmon Bissell -- and sorted out Jabez Fitch Bissell, Jr. -- how do they, and Benjamin Bissell, fit into the Bissell family tree? As the chart below shows, they are sons of Isaac Bissell III of Otsego County, New York, who descends out of the line of C1e, Lt. Isaac Bissell of Litchfield, Connecticut.

Lt. Isaac Bissell (C1e)(1672-1744) married Mary/Elizabeth Osborn

Isaac Bissell II (1709-1777) married Sarah ______

Isaac Bissell III (1747-1823) married Abiatha Way, eight sons:

1. John Bissell born 1771

2. Luther Bissell born 1773, lived Litchfield, Connecticut and Yates County, New York, died Broome County, New York, May 1835 (see preceding articles on J.F., W.H., and Luther Bissell), married first Hannah Potter, married second Hannah Shepard, who survived him and moved to Illinois. Luther had seven children: a. Levi Bissell born 1800, Connecticut, married Jane Welmsley, b. Luther Bissell II born September 18, 1801, married Elizabeth Manning, 1827, died October 24, 1838, c. Dr. George Bissell born May 30, 1810, married Harriet Caroline Parsons, died August 1874, New York City, d. Franklin Bissell died 1840s, Illinois, e. Governor William H. Bissell born April 12, 1811, died March 12, 1860, married first Emily Jones, married second Elizabeth Kane, f. Laura/Lydia Bissell born 1820, died after 1860, g. Harman Bissell born 1816, died before 1860, married Mary Ellen Martin.

3. Orange Bissell born 1775

4. Levi Bissell born 1777

5. Harvey Bissell born 1780

6. Benjamin Bissell born 1782 (see article on Jones County)

7. Norman Bissell born 1784

8. Isaac Bissell IV born 1792

Update on "The Bissells of
Howard County, Arkansas"

by Roger Bissell

Since last June, we have received names of many descendants of Alfred Bissell (1794-1870), including a full list of his children. We also know Alfred's wife's maiden name and the names of her parents and siblings. This material is in the following "Vital Statistics" and appendices. [1999: We subsequently received a copy of Olton H. Bissell's book on this family; it contained much additional data, which we will include, along with a review of his book, sometime during Volume II of BHAM.]

The one correction we should make to our previous article involves the will of Alfred's father, Jerijah Bissell II. The will was proved in East Windsor in 1836 and apparently was written in 1831. It says that he had two grandchildren: Edward and Alfred (not Jerijah, as we mistakenly reported), who are none other than Alfred's son Edward (born in 1828) and David's son Alfred (born 1824). (It appears that Alfred's daughter Caroline, born 1826, died young, since she wasn't mentioned in the will.)

[1999: the following paragraph is substantially rewritten from the original.] Jerijah II's will also does not mention his son Jerijah Bissell III, which was taken by Jones and others to indicate that Jerijah III -- unlike his (supposedly) older brothers, who were mentioned in the will -- was not yet 21 at the time the will was written in 1831. However, this is not correct. Jerijah III was not the youngest son, but probably the eldest. He was shown in the 1820 census of Wood River, Madison County, Illinois as being age 26 to 45, which puts him as older than at least his brothers Alfred and David, and probably also older than his other two brothers, Seymour and Horace. Jerijah II was listed in the 1820 Connecticut census as "Joriah" and thus was overlooked by researchers who instead mistook his son for him in the 1820 Illinois census. Both Jerijah II and Jerijah III were adults in 1820! Also, Jones listed two death dates for Jerijah II -- 1826 and 1836 -- the former being the date on a memorial in the cemetery where Jerijah II is buried in Wapping, Connecticut. Knowing that Jerijah II was still alive in 1831 and 1832 (when applications were made to the federal government for Revolutionary War pension), we conclude that the person who died in 1826 was Jerijah III, his son probably still living out west in Illinois. (Jerijah III is of special interest to us, since the 1820 census showed him with three sons of the correct age group to contain my great-great-grandfather, Pierce B. Bissell, born about 1816. Perhaps his father dying in the hinterlands of Illinois when Pierce B. was only 10 years old is one of the reasons it has been so difficult to trace his lineage. Perhaps, also, the two Bissells shown in the 1850 California census as being born about 1820 in Illinois are sons of Jerijah III.) We will analyze Jerijah II's will, pension papers, and census entries in our next update.

What became of Jerijah II's sons Horace and Seymour, we still do not know. However, the U.S. census records showed that his son David, who lived in Pike County, Illinois, had at least 11 grandchildren. Rhoda was apparently his second [1999: no, third] wife, and William born 1845 in Illinois the son of that marriage. [1999: David married August 24, 1837 to Rhoda Frost in Adams County, Illinois. It appears that this marriage ended in divorce sometime between 1850 and 1852, for Mrs. Rhoda Bissell married J. C. Beston on November 13, 1862 in Adams County, Illinois.] We still don't know whether William marrried and had a family. The sons of David's first marriage were Alfred born 1824 in Connecticut and Henry born 1833 in Illinois. [1999: Apparently, this is incorrect. Since David married January 10, 1833 in Pike County, Illinois to Ruth Osborne, she is probably the mother of Henry born 1833 and not the mother of Alfred born 1824.] David married a third [1999: no, fourth] time on June 1, 1857 to Lucy Foot [1999: in Pike County, Illinois], and he died before the 1860 census. A listing of the first two generations of David's descendants follows the vital statistics material on his brother, Alfred.

[1999: the following paragraph is substantially rewritten from the original.] It is thought by some that the full name of Jerijah II's son Alfred was John Alfred Bissell, and that he was a veteran of the War of 1812. It's possible that this is true, but we have our doubts. On the one hand, while Bissell family records nowhere refer to Alfred as having John for his first name, Hoskins family records do; the date and source of the Hoskins records is not clear, however, so we can't presently judge their validity. On the other hand, while it is claimed that Alfred was the John Bissell who got bounty lands in Fulton County, Illinois, selling them in 1819, this cannot be true. Alfred Bissell, was from Connecticut and was not known to have enlisted into the army from there, either as Alfred or as John (Alfred) Bissell; and he did not come to Illinois until about 1822, settling not in Fulton County (near Springfield), but Pike County, over by the Mississippi River. Furthermore, the John Bissell of the Illinois bounty lands is known to be John Bissell V, born in Rutland, Vermont in 1800, entering the army from that state when he was about 14 and fighting in a group centered at Sackett's Harbor, New York. (In the original edition of this issue of BHAM, we speculated incorrectly that this John Bissell was the son of Jonathan Marsh Bissell.) If Alfred was indeed a veteran of the War of 1812, the evidence to prove it has not yet come to light.

Vital Statistics for Family of Alfred Bissell (1793-1870) of Illinois, Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas

4th revision, March 1986
compiled by Roger Bissell

ALFRED BISSELL was born 1793, Wapping, Connecticut, son of Jerijah Bissell II (1751-1825), died January 1870, Polk County, Arkansas (cause: "disease of the lungs"), buried Bissell Chapel Cemetery, New Hope, Arkansas. His wife, Martha Matilda Hoskins, was born August 10, 1808, Onondaga County, New York, daughter of Isaac Hoskins (1783-1866) and Rachel Jones (1787-1819), died July 26, 1881, Atlas, Illinois (cause: "malarial fever"), buried July 28, 1881, Atlas, Illinois. Alfred and Matilda married November 10, 1824 in Pike County, Illlinois. Alfred was a pioneer settler near the town of New Hartford, Illinois in 1823 and raised the first apples in Pike County. They had eight children and at least 31 grandchildren.

A. Caroline Bissell born April 1, 1826, Pike County, Illinois (died young?).

B. Edward Bissell born January 18, 1828, Pike County, Illinois (died young?).

C. Mary Bissell born October 19, 1830, Pike County, Illinois, married November 29, 1849, Panola County, Texas to Thomas Berry Pate (born 1826, Georgia, died 1861, Pike County, Arkansas, served in the Civil War). They had:

1. John N. Pate born about 1852, Texas (twin of Benton), married Cynthia ____.

2. Benton Pate born about 1852, Texas (twin of John N.).

3. Alice Pate born about 1853, Texas.

4. Lafayette ("Fate") Pate born about 1855, Texas

5. Alfred Augustus ("Gus") Pate born about 1857, Texas, married Sarah A. Green

a. Maple Augusta Pate married Roy Marvin Smith.

i. Austin Arnold Smith married Shirley J. Coddrey.

6. Permesa Pate born about 1859, Arkansas.
7. Thomas B. Pate born about 1861, Arkansas.

D. Thomas Bissell born April 29, 1833, Pike County, Illinois, married October 18, 1854, Panola County, Texas to Susan Boyett. (Children and whereabouts unknown after 1854.)

E. John Bissell was born November 23, 1835, Pike County, Illinois; married October 6, 1856 in Panola County, Texas to Christiana (Christine) Elizabeth LaGrone (born about 1836, Texas). They had:

1. Martha M. Bissell born 1857, Texas. She married about 1876 to James A. Barton (born 1850, Arkansas, died 1929 Arkansas).

a. James C. Barton born 1877 Arkansas.
b. Henry H. Barton born 1879 Arkansas.

2. Mary A. Bissell born 1859, Texas

3. William Allen Bissell born September 30, 1860, Arkansas, married S. E. Kyle, died February 8, 1942

4. Thomas Jefferson Bissell, born February 16, 1862, Arkansas, married Mary Jane Pinkerton, died September 3, 1945

5. Alfred Bissell II, born 1865, Arkansas, married Sara Townsend (sister to Lucinda).

6. Charlotte Bissell, born 1868, Arkansas

7. Elizabeth Bissell, born 1869, Arkansas, died before 1880.

8. John Bissell Jr., born 1873, Arkansas, married Mary C. (Doshi) Barton. See Appendix II for an extended listing of their descendants.)

9. Henry A. Bissell, born 1876, Arkansas, married Arcadia (Arkie) Dyer.

10. Benjamin F. Bissell, born 1879, Arkansas, married Boadie Dyer (Arkie's sister), died December 22, 1916.

F. Henry Bissell, born September 21, 1838, Caddo Parish, Louisiana; married first around 1864 in Arkansas to Loucetta (Setty) Henry (born about 1846, Missouri, died before 1870, Pike County, Arkansas); married second September 8, 1870 at Center Point, Arkansas to Lucinda Elizabeth Townsend (born January 18, 1858, Alabama, died August 4, 1912, buried Springs Chapel Cemetery, Hugo, Oklahoma). He died April 27, 1902 and is buried at Witherspoon Cemeter. Henry and Setty had four children, and Henry and Lucinda had nine children:

1. Lucettia Emily Bissell, born January 18, 1865, Arkansas.

2. William Shelton Bissell, born January 18, 1866, Arkansas, married Laura Lucinda Blackwood, died December 30, 1941. See Appendix III for extended listing of their descendants.

3. Henry Custer Bissell, born March 4, 1867, Arkansas

4. Martha Ann Bissell, born February 5, 1868, Arkansas, died before 1877.

5. Thomas Jefferson Bissell, born November 7, 1871, Arkansas, married Viona Holden, died July 14, 1965.

6. Mary Alice Bissell, born March 4, 1873, Arkansas, married first John Grice, married second Robert Potter, died January 11, 1904.

7. Sarah Elizabeth ("Sary") Bissell, born January 21, 1875, Arkansas, married first Alonzo Holden, married second ____ Nowell, died September 18, 1963.

8. Martha Mathilda Bissell, born March 7, 1877, Arkansas, married Jeff Coffman, died July 19, 1960.

9. Dora Bissell, born October 4, 1879, Arkansas, married C. E. Dunkin, died December 21, 1967.

10. Adear (Ada) Bissell, born November 9, 1881, Arkansas, married Tom Fox.

11. Nellie ("Nelly") Bissell, born March 21, 1884, Arkansas, married Buster Gilbert.

12. "Little Babe" Bissell, stillborn June 15, 1886, Arkansas

13. Minnie Bissell, born June 28, 1888, Arkansas, married February 11, 1907 to James G. Helm (aka James Biggs, died December 23, 1961), died January 10, 1979 in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

a. J. T. Helm

b. Warren Clark Helm, married Vera Ovee Ellis.

i. Vera Bernice ("Bea") Helm, married first Robert Bowler, married second Elmer Zimmer (no issue).

(1) Nicolette E. Bowler married Clyde Potter

(a) Debbie Potter

14. Rhoda Bissell, born August 22, 1890, Arkansas, William Brunson, died August 3, 1966.

G. Charles Bissell born March 8, 1841, Louisiana/Texas?, died young (before census of 1850).

H. Sheldon Bissell born February 7, 1845, Panola County, Texas. Never married. Whereabouts unknown after 1860 census of Polk County, Arkansas. One of the first people buried at Bissells Chapel Cemetery, New Hope, Arkansas.

[Thanks to the following for their help in compiling the above record: Margaret Elizabeth Bissell, William Glenn Bissell, Doris Brown, Otis Dyer, J. T. Helm, Sarah Bissell Lay, and Bea Zimmer. THANKS!]

[1999: additions and correction will be made in "Jerijah Bissell II of Wapping, Connecticut and his Descendants" online at: Jerijah Bissell II]

Hoskins Family Data

Isaac Hoskins born January 2, 1783, Massachusetts, died February 5, 1866, Pike County, Illinois, married first Rachel Jones (born May 15, 1787, died September 2, 1819), married second Jnuary 7, 1821, Madison County, Illinois, Susannah Bradshaw (born about 1800, North Carolina). Isaac and Rachel had five children, and Isaac and Susannah had six children:

1. Martha Matilda Hoskins born August 10, 1808, married Alfred Bissell, died July 26, 1881.
2. Charles Hoskins born June 11, 1810, married Eliza Shinn.
3. Theodory Hoskins born October 17, 1812, married John Shin, died January 18, 1876.
4. Henry Hoskins born October 28, 1814, married Cymantha Hoskins (daughter of uncle Lemuel).
5. Francis Hoskins born June 24/28?, 1817.
6. John Hoskins born May 30, 1822.
7. Rachel Hoskins born April 6, 1827.
8. Anna Hoskins born July 3, 1828.
9. Horrace Hoskins born July 3, 1832.
10. Philander Hoskins born June 6, 1835.
11. Mary Hoskins born May 11/14?, 1840.

Matilda Hoskins Bissell visited her brother John in New Hartford, Illinois in June 1881, about a month before she died. Reportedly, her trip was made, in spite of protests by her family in Arkansas, in order to claim her inheritance of land from her deceased step-mother. If it's true, as J. T. Helm says, that Susannah Bradshaw Hoskins was a Cherokee Indian, then this land might have been a land grant from the U.S. government as a result of their relocation of the Cherokee Nation. This is unlikely, however, since the "Trail of Tears" did not occur until the 1830s, long after Isaac and Susannah married and settled in Illinois. More likely, this land was Isaac's homestead, which passed on to his wife when he died. Matilda, then, would have been claiming the family homestead, rather than an Indian land claim.

U.S. Census data from 1800 and 1810 for Onondaga County, New York indicate that Isaac had a brother (cousin?) Lemuel and father (uncle?) Daniel. A search of Massachusetts vital records should uncover the correct relationships.

[The above data was supplied by Margaret Elizabeth Bissell of Nashville, Arkansas and J. T. Helm of Garland, Texas. Thanks also to William Glenn Bissell and Sarah Bissell Lay.]

[1999: additions and correction will be made in "Jerijah Bissell II of Wapping, Connecticut and his Descendants" online at: Jerijah Bissell II]

Descendants of John Bissell Jr.
and Mary C. Barton

A. Clarence Bissell born 1892, married Ina Bowers.

1. John Bissell married Emily Jo Wilson

a. Johnny Bissell
b. Matilda Bissell

2. Jimmy Bissell married Judy Faugh

B. Henry Livingston ("Liv") Bissell married Vera Ferguson

1. Mary Lee Bissell married Harold Lyons

a. Ronnie Lyons
b. Bill Lyons
c. Gary Lyons
d. Ann Lyons

2. Wayne Bissell married Helen Reeves

a. Terry Bissell
b. Jodi Bissell

C. Jessie Bissell born 1896, married Alvin Stone

1. Dorothy Stone married Bryant McCombs

a. Barbara McCombs
b. Patricia McCombs
c. Larry McCombs
d. Jerry McCombs

D. Fred Bissell born 1898, married Irene Reeder

1. Rena Maye Bissell

2. Sarah Margaret Bissell married Garland Lay

a. Michael Lay
b. Peggy Lay
c. Janet Lay

3. James Allen ("Bo") Bissell married Rose Barber

a. Pam Bissell
b. Patty Bissell
c. Jeff Bissell

4. Reeder Bissell married Katherine Young

a. Beth Bissell
b. Marsha Bissell

E. John T. Bissell born 1901, married Odean Jacques

1. Charles Bissell married Dottie Nervell Clegg

a. David Bissell
b. Barry Bissell

2. Helen Bissell married Glen House

F. Margaret Elizabeth ("Aunt Maggie") Bissell born 1903, family historian.

G. James David ("Jim") Bissell born 1907, married Faye Burkhalter

H. Nell Bissell born 1909

I. Tacy Bissell born 1912, married T. J. Copeland

1. James Carrol Copeland

2. Jewel ("Hank") Copeland married Brenda Hill

a. Sharon Copeland
b. David Copeland
c. Scott Copeland

3. Betty Copeland married Tommy Sanford

a. Michael Sanford
b. Joy Sanford

[Thanks to Margaret Elizabeth Bissell and Sarah Bissell Lay for this data.]

[1999: additions and correction will be made in "Jerijah Bissell II of Wapping, Connecticut and his Descendants" online at: Jerijah Bissell II]

Descendants of Wiliam Shelton Bissell
and Laura Lucinda Blackwood

A. Lora Azalee Bissell born 1889, married October 29, 1905, Lewis Jackson Grimes

1. Lois A. Grimes married first Paul Watson, died 1977.

a. Jack Columbus Watson married Rusty ____.

i. Marilyn Watson
ii. _____ Watson
iii. Jackie Watson

b. Delbert Lewis Watson

2. Joe Warlick Grimes married Agnes Dunlap.

a. Donald Joe Grimes born 1936, married Annie Lou Williams.

i. Angela D'Ann Grimes born 1969
ii. Jennifer Melynn Grimes born 1971
iii. Gregory Joe Grimes born 1974

b. Raymond Dennis Grimes born 1941, married first in 1963 to Glenda Copeland, married second in 1977 to Rae Nell Hansen.

i. Christy Paige Grimes born 1964
ii. Julianna Kay Grimes born 1967
iii. Catherine Michelle Grimes born 1968
iv. Russell Jodennis Grimes born 1978

3. Lewis Emil Grimes born 1911, married second Maudie Lee McCrory.

a. (Miss) Billy Lee Prince (stepdaughter)

b. Sandra Grimes married Jimmy Daniels

i. Billy Daniels
ii. Christopher Ryan Daniels

4. Floy Mae Grimes born 1913, married Willard Pete ("Dood") Brake.

a. Betty Jo Brake born 1931, married first Kenneth Douglas Webb, married second Alfred Wayne Norris.

i. Kenneth Douglas Webb Jr. born 1948, married Barbara Dale Wesley.

(1) Chad Wesley Webb born 1974
(2) Brad Houston Webb born 1975

ii. Jachyllis Carol Webb born 1948, married Jackie Hogueland.

(1) Heath Ellis Hogueland born 1974
(2) Lorrie Deland Hogueland born 1978

iii. Willard Cecil Webb born 1950, married Mary Elizabeth Fenogolic.
iv. Jacky Bob Webb born 1954, married Paul June Admirs.

b. Nora Jane Brake born 1934, married first Billy Dean Sanders, married second Chester Lee Butts.

i. Billy Dean Sanders Jr. born 1952, married first Cynthia Ann Skidmore, married second Gail Hornbecker.

(1) Shawn Torre Sanders born 1972

ii. Debra Jan Sanders born 1954, married douglas Wade Northcott.

(1) Tonya Michelle Northcott born 1972
(2) Laura Renee Northcott born 1975

iii. Ernest Dan Sanders born 1955, died 1962.

iv. Karen Jo Sanders married first Charles Ray Alderson, married second Billy Hughes.

(1) Jeffrey Kirk Alderson born 1973
(2) Shea Nicole Alderson born 1976
(3) Shawnna Sue Alderson born 1978

v. Wesley Shane Butts stillborn 1971
vi. Misty Lee Butts 1975

c. Lily Carolyn Brake born 1939, married Richard Hopke

i. Richard Brake Hopke born 1976

5. Myrtle Ivy/Marian Iva Grimes born 1916, married first Cecil Worley.

a. Phyllis Ann Worley married first ____ Lolly, married second Jack Snyder (no issue).

i. Russell Lance Lolly born 1957, married Sandi Suddereth.
ii. Michell Lane Lolly born 1960.

b. Melvin Joe Worley married Babs ____.

i. Wayne Worley
ii. Cheryl Worley

c. Doris Jean Worley -- two or three children.

6. Miriam Doris Grimes born 1916, married first Leon E. Johnson (no issue), married second Frederick Sherwood Brown II.

a. Beverley Isabella Brown born 1948, married Robert F. Losey, Jr.
b. Conrad Alfred Brown born 1951, married Carol Ann Quinlan Lytel.
c. Frederick Sherwood Brown III born 1954.

B. Walter A. Bissell married Annie Elizabeth Grimes

1. Bynum Anderson Bissell born and died in 1912.

2. Roy Elbert Bissell born 1913, died 1962, married first Neva Lockhard, married second in 1945 to Lida Wright.

a. MaryAnn Faust Bissell married first David Clemens, married second Franklin Leo Shook, married third Barry Garner.

i. Julie Ann Clemens born 1962
ii. David Clemens born 1965
iii. Daniel Benjamin Shook born 1972

b. Dennis Jay Bissell born 1945, married first Marcia Hobdy, married second Pennie Tanimoto.

i. Lesley Noel Bissell born 1970, married first David Kravitz, married second Erik Langnes

(1) Luke Langnes born 2001.

(2) Noah Langnes born 2004.

ii. Teal Nicole Bissell born 1975, married Tyler Doggett.

c. Kathy Sue Bissell born 1959, married Mark Justus.         

i. Roy Aderin Justus, born 1987.         

ii. Logan Asher Justus, born 1990.

3. William Glen Bissell born 1915, married Edna Gaither

a. Joyce Lavern Bissell born 1939, married John D. Bissell

i. Karen Denise Bissell born 1959, married Danny Ray Green.
ii. Kenneth Wayne Bissell born 1961
iii. Brenda Gail Bissell born 1963

b. Mildred Lucille Bissell born 1942, married Eddie Weatherford.

i. Danielle Dee Weatherford born 1968

c. Donald Ray Bissell born 1944, married Carolynn Marjorie Meanear.

i. Donald Ray Bissell Jr. born 1965
ii. William Earl Bissell born 1966
iii. Sharon Wayne Bissell born 1968

d. Alma Jean Bissell born 1945, married Arden Massey

i. Duke Allen Massey born 1966
ii. Sunny Massey born 1973

e. Glenda Donnell Bissell married Walter Dennis Evans

i. Jason Keith Evans born 1973
ii. Stephanie Christine Evans born 1975

4. MargueriteVirginia Bissell born 1917, married Coleman Rufus Burney.

a. Joyce Evelyn Burney born 1933, married Ralph Hudson.

i. Michael Ralph Hudson born 1957, married Carrie Dodd.

b. Ronnie Coleman Burney born 1936, married first Lois Westlake, married second Bonnie ____.

i. Ronnie Eugene Burney born 1955, married Rerry Lewis.

(1) Jennifer Michelle Burney born 1975
(2) Melissa Dawn Burney born 1978

ii. Debra Elaine Burney born 1957

c. Betty Ann Burney born 1938, married George Stratton.

d. William Earl Burney born 1940, married Patti ____.

i. David Allen Burney

(1) Gabriel Burney
(2) Elijah Burney

ii. Cindy Allen Burney
iii. Michael Hill Burney born 1958
iv. Ricky Hill Burney born 1961
v. Lisa Joan Burney born 1967

[This data was extracted from Grimes Family History by Miriam Doris Grimes Brown of Tacoma, Washington. Thanks for all your help, Doris!]

[1999: additions and correction will be made in "Jerijah Bissell II of Wapping, Connecticut and his Descendants" online at: Jerijah Bissell II]

Descendants of David Bissell of Pike County, Illinois
First and Second Generations

compiled by Roger Bissell

1. Alfred Bissell, a veteran of the Mexican War, was born about 1824 in Connecticut and married Nancy Catherine Parks (born about 1832 in Illinois). They lived in Pittsfield Township, Pike County, Illinois and had at least five children:

a. William E. Bissell born about 1853/4 in Illinois
Mary Bissell born about 1856 in Illinois
L. A. Bissell born about 1857 in Illinois
d. Nellie Bissell born about 1869 in Illinois
Harvey Bissell born about 1873 in Illinois

2. Henry Bissell, a veteran of the Civil War, was born about 1833 in Illinois and married on October 11, 1866 to Elizabeth Hoover. They lived in Montezuma Township, Pike County, Illinois and had at least six children:

a. Laura C. Bissell born about 1868 in Illinois, married December 24, 1892 to Charles J. Ruble in Pike County, Illinois. [Living with Henry in the 1910 census were two granddaughters, Sadie Ruble born about 1894 and Trula Ruble born about 1899. One or both may be daughters of Laura or Lulu.]
Olive Bissell born about 1869 in Illinois. Single, living at home in the 1910 census.
Lulu M. Bissell born about 1871 in Illinois, married October 10, 1892 to Albert Ruble in Pike County, Illinois.
d. Eli Alfred Bissell born about 1874 in Illinois.
e. William H. Bissell born about 1879 in Illinois.
Howard Bissell born about 1882 in Illinois.

3. William Bissell born about 1845 in Illinois, not known whether he married or survived past the 1850s.


David Bissell born 1763 (see issue #1) and Samuel Bissell born 1755 (see this issue) are descended from the Samuel Bissell who was born about 1730 and died in 1813. This Samuel, who is R2b on the Bissell Family Tree, married first in 1753 to Sarah Aldridge and second in 1766 to Mary Frazier. He had ten children, only two of whom (David and Samuel) we have traced into later generations.

Samuel (R2b) was one of several children born about 1730, supposedly to Samuel Bissell (R2 on the Bissell Family Tree) and Izett Burgess. If so, it is apparent from the spread in the birth dates that Samuel (R2) was married twice, that his sons John Bissell born 1707 and Edward Bissell born 1709 were from the first marriage, and that Samuel (R2b) and several others were from the second marriage.

Another possibility is that the children born around 1730 were instead children of Samuel and Izett's oldest son, John Bissell born 1707. The chart below shows both possibilities, with the official one shown with a solid line.

Following this month's feature on Samuel Bissell born 1755 and his descendants -- "The Bissells of Otsego County, New York" -- is a special, related article, "Who was Christopher Pierce Bissell of Yates County, New York and Ohio?" and a complete listing of the children of David's son, Aldridge Bissell of Yates County, New York.

Samuel Bissell (R2) b. 1683
|__Edward "the mariner" Bissell b. 1709/10
|__John Bissell b. 170



|____Samuel Bissell (R2b) bapt. 1732
|____Mary Bissell bapt. 1732
|____Hannah Bissell b. 1729
|____Thomas Bissell b. 1724
|____Annie Bissell b. ca. 1730

The Bissells of Otsego County, New York

by Roger Bissell

When my father, Eldon Bissell, and I first began our search for the parents of Pierce B. Bissell, we naturally focused on Bissells who married Pierces (of which there were precious few). One of those who looked quite promising to us was Samuel Bissell of Hartwick (Otsego County), New York.

At first, all we knew was that Samuel married first to Sarah Pierce and second to Betsy (Ward) Bowen, and that he had several children, including a son named Stephen. These facts made us wonder: could Pierce B. have been Stephen's son? Was Pierce B. given the maiden name of his grandmother, Sarah Pierce Bissell? Was his grandson, Charles Steven Bissell, named for his father? And was his father identical with a certain S. A. (Steven Alva?) Bissell, reported to have died in Wapello, Iowa in 1850? (No, to all these questions, it turned out.)

Then, in Nashville, Tennessee, we met the great-grandson of Christopher Pierce Bissell, who lived in the 1830s and 1840s in Yates County, New York, and in north central Ohio in the 1850s and 1860s. [1999: he appeared in the 1880 census there, as well.] Christopher seemed every bit as likely a candidate to be one of Samuel's grandchildren as did our own Pierce B. But how could we prove (or disprove) their descent from Samuel of Hartwick?

We gradually accumulated a lot of data on Samuel and several of his children (including several family group sheets and other genealogical writings), but almost none on the mysterious son, Stephen. Practically all that we know about Stephen is indirect, the product of inference or educated guessing from various census records and other documents.

The two real breakthroughs in this mystery came (1) in 1982 when one of Samuel's descendants, Soren Simonson of Long Beach, California, sent a copy of an announcement of the Otsego County Surrogate Court (published in the Daily Albany Argos of July 17, 1832) listing all of Samuel's legal heirs; and (2) on April 1, 1986, when I found a court statement Samuel made in 1820 listing the children living with him at the time.

Through a process of elimination, we were able to identify all of Stephen's children and to prove that Christopher Pierce was one of Samuel's grandchildren and that Pierce B. could not have been. The various confusions we have ironed out, as well as a full listing of Samuel's children and grandchildren, are found in the "Open Letter" and charts following this article.

Samuel Bissell of Hartwick, Otsego County, New York, was born March 15/19, 1755 in North Kingston, Rhode Island and died June 10, 1832 in Hartwick, New York. (His two Revolutionary War pension applications, however, imply that he was born sometime between April 25 and June 12, 1754.)

Samuel married first around 1778 to Sarah Pierce, who was born about 1755 or 1759 in Rhode Island and died October 1, 1811 or 1814 at Hartwick. (There were two tombstones.) She was possibly the daughter born August 26, 1754 to Nathaniel and Mary Pierce of Bristol, Rhode Island or the daughter born April 16, 1755 to Benoni and Mehitable Pierce of Providence, Rhode Island or perhaps the daughter born September 6, 1759 to Nathaniel Pierce of Rehoboth, Rhode Island.

Samuel married second around 1816 to Elizabeth "Betsy" (Ward) Bowen, widow of Stoddard Bowen of Brimfield, Massachusetts, who died in 1812, and whom she married in 1801. Stoddard and Betsy moved to Hartwick in 1802. Betsy was born about 1775 in Massachusetts and died May 12, 1853 at Hartwick. She was possibly the daughter born February 12, 1775 to Samuel and Elizabeth Ward of Charleton, Massachusetts (since one account has her born in February) or the daughter born October 22, 1775 to Benjamin and Mary Ward of Carver, Massachusetts (since her mother was said to have been Mary Nelson, a native of Brimfield, Massachusetts).

At this point, the parentage for both Sarah and Betsy is a matter of speculation. We do know for a fact, however, that Samuel was the son of Samuel and Sarah (Aldrich) Bissell of North Kingston, Rhode Island, who are shown as R2b on the Bissell Family Tree chart.

Samuel was a Revolutionary War soldier, serving as a private in 1776 in Captain Elijah Louis' company of Colonel Varnum's regiment. He removed to Massachusetts, and from there to Hartwick around 1796. Several years later, he moved to "Bissell Hollow," where he lived until his death. By trade, he was a blacksmith, and he had a pottery factory at Hartwick.

An Open Letter to Soren Simonson, Jean Gilmore, Alma Slawson, and All Descendants of
Private Samuel Bissell of Hartwick, New York

by Roger Bissell

Dear Folks:

After nearly eight years of deep puzzlement about Samuel's children and grandchildren, I have finally stumbled across the key that unlocks the mystery. A statement made by Samuel on June 22, 1820 to the Otsego County court proves that the listing of children and grandchildren by Jones/Gottschalk [i.e., Gottschalk/Brown] is wrong.

This statement was found in Samuel's pension file at the National Archives. Next to it on the microfilm was the pension file for Lieutenant Samuel Bissell of Exeter, Rhode Island. It's apparent that he -- not Samuel of Hartwick (he was a private) -- is the ancestor that Helen Bissell Pettis should have listed on her D.A.R. application. This would imply that the Samuel born 1799 was not the son or grandson of Samuel of Hartwick, but probably the son of Lieutenant Samuel's oldest son Jonathan.

Taking these two things into account, we can finally identify correctly all the heirs mentioned in Samuel of Hartwick's probate announcement in the Daily Albany Argos, which Mr. Simonson so kindly sent us several years ago.

Correcting the Error in Jones/Gottschalk

As you recall, the Rhode Island appendix in E. P. Jones' book shows Mary, John, Stephen, and Sarah -- omits Dr. Samuel -- then lists Silas and another John. Also, it lists the first John as having married Betsy Vaughn, having died in 1819/20, and having had Ruth b. 1814, Elizabeth b. 1817, and John b. 1819.

We have already verified, from Exeter, RI vital records, that the first four children are correct. And thanks to The Centennial History of Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania (Rhamanthus Stocker) and Samuel's probate announcement in the Albany Daily Argos in 1832 (which lists all twelve of Dr. Samuel's children as being heirs of Samuel of Hartwick), we know that Dr. Samuel was definitely one of the children of Samuel of Hartwick. (Dr. Samuel was supposedly born in Newport, RI, not Exeter, which may explain his omission by Charles H. Bissell, who wrote the Bissell family genealogy for the first edition of Stiles' Ancient Windsor, which is one of the sources Jones/Gottschalk relied on.)

But what about Silas and John? We know from the will of Samuel's widow, Betsy, and from the census of 1850, that she and Samuel had two children: Elizabeth b. about 1817, m. John Chase; and John b. about 1819, m. Ann Grosfant. So that seems to explain John. But what about Silas? Was the abbreviation "Eliz." misread as "Silas"? Perhaps, but there was a Silas listed as one of Samuel's heirs in his probate announcement, so we can't toss him away completely.

Also, isn't it unlikely that both Samuel and Betsy and John and Betsy would have daughters Elizabeth Bissell b. 1817 and sons John Bissell b. 1819? The coincidence alone is almost too much, and the confusion it would cause the family makes it almost unthinkable that they would do this. Plus, there's no evidence for two such pairs of children, other than the fact that Jones/Gottschalk says that John and Betsy had one.

The puzzle is solved by the 1820 statement. Samuel says eight children were living with him. First he names the three Bowen children from his wife Betsy's first marriage: Lois age 17, Harry age 13, and Olive age 10. He then lists Silas age 13, John age 11, Ruth age 6, Elizabeth age 3, and John age 1; and he says: "Three of these are my grandchildren, and I have to provide for them, and one is a cripple."

This is very revealing! First of all, Silas and John must be Samuel's grandsons, not his sons, because they were born about 1807 and 1809, when his first wife, Sarah, was about 50 years old and had had no children for 20 years! That leaves two children -- who must be Elizabeth and John -- and one more grandchild, who must therefore be Ruth. (Samuel's will does in fact say that Ruth is his granddaughter.)

So, why does Jones/Gottschalk not have it this way? Apparently when Catherine Gottschalk read the pension files in Washington, D.C., she assumed that the two oldest Bissell children living with Samuel (Silas and John) had to be his children, and the three youngest (Ruth, Elizabeth, and John) had to be his grandchildren. It's actually the reverse! The older three (Silas, John, and Ruth) are his grandchildren, and the younger two (Elizabeth and John) his children! Despite the error, Silas, John, and Ruth are the children of John and Betsy (Vaughn) Bissell, because none of Samuel's other sons had died as of 1820, so their children would not need to be cared for by Samuel.

Now that we have established that Silas, John, and Ruth are the children of John and Betsy (Vaughn) Bissell, what about the Samuel b. 1799, who is also claimed as being their son?

Who Was Samuel Bissell (1799-1849)?

D.A.R. application #117100 by Helen Bissell Pettis claims that Samuel Bissell (1799-1849) was the son of John Bissell (1781-1850) who married Betsy Vaughn. There are three reasons why this information is not likely to be correct:

1. Jones/Gottschalk says that John died 1819/20, and common sense says he died 1819 at the latest, because Samuel and Betsy named their youngest son (b. 1819) John. This implies that Samuel and Sarah's son John (b. 1781) had died -- otherwise, Samuel would have had two sons named John living at the same time!

2. John was not mentioned in Samuel's 1832 will and probate announcement, while his children (Silas and Ruth) were. This, too, would imply that John was deceased.

3. John would have been only seventeen at the time of his marriage to Betsy Vaughn about 1798. Also, he does not appear as the head of a family in either 1800 or 1810 censuses.

Since the D.A.R. application seems to be drastically wrong about John's date of death, it may well have confused him with another John who is the real father of Samuel (1799-1849). Since there was a John in the 1830, 1840, and 1850 censuses of Coventry, RI, and there was a Samuel in the 1830 census of Exeter, RI and the 1840 census of North Providence, RI, but not the 1850 census, it's possible these were the actual people referred to by the D.A.R. application -- especially since John G. Bissell, the son of Samuel (1799-1849) was born in Rhode Island, not New York.

The John Bissell in Coventry, RI could well be the Jonathan who is the son of Lieutenant Samuel Bissell of RI who died in 1825. One of Lt. Samuel's daughters, Sarah, married William Tripp, and this marriage was erroneously recorded by Mrs. Pettis on her D.A.R. application, claiming Sarah Bissell Tripp to have been the daughter of Private Samuel Bissell of Hartwick. (His daughter was Sarah Bissell Carr.)

For these reasons, I believe that Samuel (1799-1849) and his descendants are of Lt. Samuel's line, not the line from Samuel of Hartwick.

But what of the Ringling Circus bareback rider from Otsego County, who was referred to as "Samuel, Jr."?

Who Was "Samuel Bissell, Jr."?

So far as we know, Dr. Samuel Bissell (1789-1829) was never referred to as "Samuel, Jr.," although he certainly could have been. There was, however, a Samuel Bissell (1842-1924) who was a bareback rider with the Ringling Circus and who was called "Samuel, Jr." (This is why some of us in the past have doubted whether Dr. Samuel was the son of Samuel of Hartwick.)

Who was Samuel (1842-1924) called "Junior," and whose son was he?

Well, it's common knowledge that "Junior"is sometimes applied to nephews or grandsons, as well as sons. And the 1850 census shows us that Samuel's and Betsy's son John (b. 1819), who married Ann Grosfant, had a son age 8 (b. about 1842), whose full name was Samuel Chase Bissell.

Obviously, Samuel Chase Bissell is the circus rider, the one called "Samuel, Jr."; and equally clearly, he was so referred to in honor of his grandfather, Samuel of Hartwick. (After all, if Samuel and Betsy could name their son b. 1819 "John" after Samuel and Sarah's son John b. 1781 had just died, it's certainly reasonable for John b. 1819 to call his son b. 1842 "Samuel, Jr.," after the original son of Samuel of Hartwick, Dr. Samuel, had died in 1829!)

This should dispel all of the confusion about the various Samuels and Johns. Now we can identify the rest of Samuel's grandchildren and who their parents were by referring to the 1832 probate announcement.

Sorting Out Samuel's Grandchildren

A statement by Isaac Burch (executor) and Betsy Bissell (executrix) that they intended to have Samuel's will proved before the Otsego County Surrogate Court on Sept. 25, 1832, contained a long list of his legal heirs. The list, as published in the Albany Daily Argos, on July 17, 1832, reads as follows:

Isaac Carr and Sally his wife, Rensselaer Bissell, Sally Doud, Silas Bissell, Chester Jacobs, John Stephens and Betsey his wife, Thomas Jacobs of the county of Otsego, Leonard Jacobs of the county of Chautauque, Daniel Jacobs residing in the state of Missouri, Christopher Bissell of the county of Seneca, Samuel Brimmer and Susan his wife of the county of Schoharie, and Comfort Chase as guardian for Betsey Bissll, John Bissell, Ruth Bissell, George W. Bissell, Julia Ann Bissell, Mary Ann Jacobs, Sally Maria Jacobs, Miranda Jacobs, Amanda Jacobs, Hannah D. Jacobs and Elizur Bissell, of the county of Otsego, Enoch Bissell of the county of Chenango, Sarah Ann Bissell of the county of Yates and state of New York; and Samuel A. Bissell, Sally Maria Bissell, Hannah M. Bissell, Eliza Ann Bissell, Harriet L. Bissell, Isaac T. Bissell, Fidelia E. Bissell, Lydia A. Bissell, Mary A. Bissell, Jane A. Bissell, Rosena C. Bissell, Catherine V. Bissell of the county of Susquehanna in the state of Pennsylvania, heirs at law of the said Samuel Bissell.

In sorting out this list of heirs (for whom we must thank Mr. Soren Simonson), we have to make five basic assumptions:

1. Samuel's children, if living, would be listed in the statement, but their children would not be.

2. If one of Samuel's children was deceased, their children would be listed.

3. If one of Samuel's known grandchildren was listed, their parent was deceased.

4. Samuel may have had living brothers or sisters at the time of his decease.

5. All of the persons listed as under the guardianship of Comfort Chase were minors, and all those listed before Comfort Chase's name were adults (i.e., persons born 1811 or earlier).

Now, what conclusions can we draw from the list, using these assumptions?

1. We can confidently assign the twelve minor Bissell children in Susquehanna County, PA to Dr. Samuel. (He died in 1829, and the same twelve children are named as his in Weston's History of Brooklyn [PA].)

2. The nine Jacobs children (four of which were adults) all belong to Mary/Polly Bissell Jacobs. (She died in 1824.)

3. Sarah/Sally Bissell Carr (Mrs. Isaac) was still living (she died in 1875), so she was listed and her children weren't.

4. Silas and Ruth Bissell were listed, which means that John (b. 1781) was already deceased. (As we said earlier, we believe he died in 1819.) Also, John's son John (b. 1809) was probably the one referred to as a "cripple" and was probably deceased, as he was not mentioned. (He would have been listed as an adult, being 23 in 1832, were he still alive.)

5. Betsy and John Bissell are the minor children of Samuel by his second ife and widow, Betsy ([Ward] Bowen) Bissell.

At this point, we have one son, Stephen (b. 1783), still unaccounted for, and the following unidentified: Rensselaer Bissell, Sally Doud, John and Betsy Stephens, Christopher Bissell, Samuel and Susan Brimmer (adults), and George W., Julia Ann, Elizur, Enoch, and Sarah Ann Bissell (minors).

The various censuses (1810, 1820, and 1830) show Stephen with a total of six sons and four daughters. The probate list accounts for all of them except for one son and two daughters. The son probably died, but it's a virtual certainty that the two daughters are among the three females yet unidentified in the probate list: Sally Doud, Betsy Stephens, and Susan Brimmer.

Sally Doud is probably Samuel's sister. Since Sally is a nickname for Sarah, Sally Doud could not be Stephen's daughter; he already has the minor female, Sarah Ann, attributed to him. For the same reason, she cannot be Dr. Samuel's or Mary/Polly's daughter either. Nor can she be Sarah/Sally's daughter, since Sarah Bissell Carr was still living, so her children wouldn't be listed. Nor, so far as we know, could she have been the daughter of John (b. 1781), since his only daughter was Ruth. Samuel did have a sister about his age named Sarah. She was born in 1754 and would have been 78 years old at Samuel's death. It's likely that she married someone named Doud and was a widow by the time Samuel died.

Susan Brimmer is probably Stephen's oldest daughter, the one shown as being age 10-15 in the 1820 census. Betsy Stephens was probably Stephen's second oldest daughter, the one shown as being age 0-10 in the 1820 census. (Since Susan lived in another county, as did Enoch her brother, while Betsy living in Otsego County, we assume that Susan was the oldest. It could well be the other way around.)

Similarly, we think that Sarah Ann was the third daughter, born about 1820-1825, since she was living in Yates County in 1832; and Julia Ann was probably the youngest daughter, born 1825-1830, since she was living in Otsego County (closer to "home").

As for Stephen's sons: Christopher Pierce is the oldest (b. about 1803), Rensselaer was second (b. about 1810, Elizar was probably third (b. about 1813), Enoch was probably fourth (b. about 1815?), and George was either fifth or sixth (b. before 1820).

This completes the full accounting of Samuel's legal heirs as listed in the 1832 probate announcement. For the complete list of Samuel's children, showing their dates and order of birth (where known), see the Vital Statistics chart (chart III, following). [1999: for an updated list click on this link: Revised Rhode Island Bissell Genealogy.]

Please send additions and corrections to this "Open Letter" and charts to my new address: Roger Bissell, 506 W. Ash, Fullerton CA 92632. Thank you! [1999: current mailing address is Roger Bissell, P.O. Box 5193, Orange CA 92863. ]

Diagram 1
The Children of Samuel Bissell of Hartwick


A. Erroneous listing by Jones/Gottschalk
(errors indicated by asterisk)

1. Mary/Polly b. 1779

2. John b. 1781

a. Ruth b. 1814
*b. Elizabeth b. 1817
*c. John b. 1819

3. Stephen b. 1783

4. Sarah/Sally b. 1785

*5. Silas

*6. John

B. Corrected listing with inclusion
of Dr. Samuel Bissell

1. Mary/Polly b. 1779

2. John b. 1781

a. Silas b. 1807
b. John "the cripple" b. 1809

3. Stephen b. 1783

4. Sarah/Sally b. 1785

5. Dr. Samuel b. 1789

6. Elizabeth b. 1817

7. John b. 1819

Diagram 2
The Relationship between Private Samuel Bissell of Hartwick, New York
and Lieutenant Samuel Bissell of Exeter, Rhode Island


Samuel Bissell (R2b)(1683-1745)
|____Thomas Bissell b. 1724

*Lieut. John "Jr" (1750-1799

*Lieut. Samuel (1757-1825)


-->Samuel (1799-1849)

|____Samuel Bissell (1732-1813)

*David (1763-after 1840)

*Pvt. Samuel (1755-1832)---->

John (1781-1819)---------->

Silas, John, Ruth

* indicates Revolutionary War veteran

(?) maybe John; probable source of the misidentification of Samuel (1799-1849) as being the grandson of Samuel of Hartwick, NY (see D.A.R. application #117100.

Vital Statistics for Descendants of
Private Samuel Bissell of Hartwick, New York
first two generations

compiled by Roger Bissell

1. Mary/Polly Bissell born October 16, 1779, Exeter, Rhode Island, died December 5, 1824. She married Ezekiel Jacobs, buried Hartwick Center Union Cemetery.

a. Chester Jacobs.
b. Thomas Jacobs born July 11, 1811, died February 15, 1876. He married Sally Ann Lyon.
c. Leonard Jacobs
d. Daniel Jacobs

e. Sally Maria Jacobs
f. Miranda Jacobs
g. Amanda Jacobs
h. Hannah D. Jacobs

2. John Bissell born September 15, 1781, Exeter, Rhode Island, died about 1819. He married Betsy Vaughn [1999: this is incorrect; it is not known what his wife's name was, but Betsy Vaughn married his half-uncle, John Bissell of Coventry, Rhode Island.].

a. Silas Bissell born about 1807. [1999: the 1850 census of Steuben County, New York shows Silas E. Bissell 44 wagonmaker, with wife Ruth A. 38, Mary M. 14, Phebe E. 12, Sarah A. 10, Jasper N. 8, James S. 6, Syra A. 3 (female), Thomas P. 1, and Mary Hathaway 62 Maryland (probably mother-in-law)]
b. John Bissell born about 1809, died before 1832.
c. Ruth Bissell born about 1814.

3. Stephen Bissell born September 29, 1783, Exeter, Rhode Island, died 1830-32. He married Elizabeth _____, and they lived at Otsego County, New York.

a. Christopher Pierce Bissell born 1803, died after mid-1880. He married first Deborah Ennis about 1829, Penn Yann, Yates County, New York; and married second Elizabeth Stevens, Henry County, Ohio, supposedly died 1863, but appeared in 1880 Ohio census index. [See "Who was Christopher Pierce Bissell?" in this issue.]
b. Susan Bissell born 1805-10 (?). She married Samuel Brimmer.
c. Renssalaer Bissell born 1810. He married first Sylvia Prosser, and married second Mary (Niles) Converse.
d. Betsy Bissell born 1810-15 (?). She married John Stephens.
e. Elizar Bissell born 1813. He married first Phebe Ann Potter, and married second Lucinda Mallory.
f. Enoch Bissell born about 1815. He married Charlotte Abel.
g. George W. Bissell born about 1820.
h. Sarah Ann Bissell born about 1820-25 (?).
i. Julia Ann Bissell born about 1825-30 (?)She married in 1862 to Lester Winsor.

4. Sarah/Sally Bissell born August 1785, Exeter, Rhode Island, died March 2, 1875. She married Isaac Carr, Jr.

a. Harvey Carr
b. Isaac Carr, III
c. Sarah Carr -- still living in 1893.
d. Samuel Carr -- still living in 1893.
e. Delos Carr
f. Maria Carr

5. Dr. Samuel Bissell born 1789, Newport, Rhode Island, died July 20, 1829, Brooklyn, Pennsylvania. He married in 1811 to Sally Foster.

a. Samuel Augustus Bissell born August 3, 1812, Hartwick, New York. He married Nora Bennett and was a judge at Tipton, Cedar County, Iowa.
b. Sarah Mariah Bissell born August 21, 1813, Hartwick, New York, died July 15, 1893. She married Dr. George W. Morse.
c. Hannah Minerva Bissell born July 5, 1815, Hartwick, New York, died May 29, 1849, Illinois. She married (as his first wife) Samuel Adams.
d. Eliza Ann Bissell born February 3, 1817, Waterford, Pennsylvania, died June 3, 1875. She married Eric Gregory.
e. Harriet Louisa Bissell born April 14, 1818, Waterford, Pennsylvania. She married (as his second wife) Samuel Adams.
f. Isaac Thomas Bissell born November 28, 1819, Brooklyn, Pennsylvania, died 1860, Iowa. He married Julia Adams.
g. Fidelia Emeline Bissell born March 24, 1821, Brooklyn, Pennsylvania. She married Benjamin Franklin Morse.
h. John Bissell born August 7, 1822, died July 28, 1823, Brooklyn, Pennsylvania.
i. Lydia Almira Bissell born February 21, 1824, Brooklyn, Pennsylvania, died August 9, 1890. She married George K. Eastman, founder of company that merged with Kodak (ancestor of Soren Simonson).
j. Mary Amanda Bissell born September 18, 1825, Brooklyn, Pennsylvania, died October 18, 1907. She married Harman Canfield Fairchild (ancestor of Jean Gilmore).
k. Jane Antoinette Bissell born January 21, 1827, Brooklyn, Pennsylvania, died October 17, 1901. She married William Frink.
l. Rosena Cordelia Bissell born April 20, 1828, Brooklyn, Pennsylvania. She married William Brookins.
m. Katharine Venina Bissell born April 18, 1829, Brooklyn, Pennsylvania. She married Adam Leib.


6. Elizabeth/Betsy Bissell born 1817, Hartwick, New York, died 1866. She married Dr. Samuel [no, John] Chase.

a. Coralinn Chase born March 2, 1844, Hartwick, New York, died April 10, 1903, Hartwick. She married Oliver Weeks. (Ancestor of Nellie Weeks Balcom.)

7. John Bissell born 1819, Hartwick, New York, died 1878. He married Ann Grosfant.

a. Samuel Chase Bissell born 1849, died 1924. He married Mary Naughton.
b. Mary Bissell born 1851, died July 9, 1884.
c. Mary Bissell died young.
d. Maria Bissell

e. John Horace Bissell
f. James Bissell
g. Frank Bissell
h. Annie J. Bissell, married William B. Tompkins.

Who Was Christopher Pierce Bissell?

by Roger Bissell

Christopher Pierce Bissell was the great-grandfather of Charles Overman Bissell, the award- winning editorial cartoonist for the Tennesean of Nashville, Tennessee. (The sample cartoon appearing in the original print version of this newsletter was omitted for copyright reasons.) Charles' father, named Charles J. Bissell, was the son of Christopher's oldest son, Jesse Davis Bissell, who was born in Penn Yann (Yates County), New York, lived in Ohio, and died in Nashville.

Born around 1803, Christopher worked as a young man on wooden clocks in Winsted, Connecticut and on machinery for woolen mills in Penn Yann, New York. Later, in Ohio, he was a farmer in Erie and Huron Counties.

Christopher married first around 1829 to Deborah Ennis, probably the daughter of Jesse Ennis of Genessee County, New York (in the 1830 census), or perhaps Hughanus Ennis of Genessee County (in the 1820 census). (It's also possible these two men were identical: Jesse Hughanus Ennis.) Christopher married second on September 22, 1862 to Elizabeth Stevens in Henry County, Ohio. His date and place of death is unknown. Although one family records implies that he died in 1863, this cannot be correct, for he has been found in Henry County in the index for the 1880 census of Ohio.

From family, census, and LDS records, we have put together the following list of Christopher and Deborah's children:

1. Jessie Davis Bissell born June 19, 1830, Penn Yann, New York, died February 15, 1911, Nashville, Tennessee. He married March 25, 1860 to Sarah Jane Scott (born October 30, 1839 to William Beldon Scott of Fitchville, Ohio). They had: Charles J. Bissell born 1863, Emma J. Bissell born 1865, and son Jessie D. Bissell born 1873.

2. Phoebe A. Bissell born 1832/3, Penn Yann, New York. She married April 6, 1856 to Benedict Patch (born 1811, Connecticut) of Clarksfield, Ohio. They had a son, Everton Patch born 1859.

3. Silas Bissell born 1834, Penn Yann, New York.

4. Eunice Elvira Bissell born 1835, Penn Yann, New York. She married January 1, 1853 to James M. Gray of Huron County, Ohio.

5. John Bissell born 1837, Penn Yann, New York.

6. James Hazard Bissell born 1839, Penn Yann, New York. He married first Delia Maston (born 1846, Ohio), and married second in 1894 to Cora Stahl, lived Rochester, Ohio. James and Delia had Clayton Bissell born 1868 and Will S. Bissell born 1870, who married 1893 Trilla T. Mohler (children: Eva Marcella Bissell born 1893, Roy W. Bissell born 1895, Hare R. Bissell born 1896).

7. Levi Bissell born about 1840, Penn Yann, New York, died before 1863 (?).

8. Amelia/Permilia Bissell born 1842, Ohio. She married Wilbur Kingsley.

9. Jemima Jane Bissell born 1845, Ohio, never married, taught school in Shelby, Richland County, Ohio in 1872.

In the 1830 census of Yates County, New York, there were 1M 0-5 (Jesse), 1M 20-30 (Christopher), and 1F 20-30 (Deborah). In 1840 in Yates County, there were 2M 0-5 (James Hazard and Levi), 1M 5-10 (John), 2M 10-15 (Jesse and Silas), 1M 20-30 (?), 1M 30-40 (Christopher), 2F 5-10 (Phobe and Eunice), and 1F 30-40 (Deborah).

Also in 1840, living nearby was James Hazard, age 40-50, wife 30-40, and an elderly woman 70-80. Possibly the wife was one of Christopher's or Deborah's sisters and the elderly woman Christopher's or Deborah's mother. Why else would they name one of their sons James Hazard Bissell after a neighbor?

So, we know that Christopher Pierce Bissell came from the Yates County, New York area and was a grandson of Samuel Bissell of Hartwick, Otsego County, New York. But who were his parents? As the preceding article proves, he was the son of Samuel's son, Stephen Bissell, who died around 1830-32.

Descendants of Aldridge Bissell
of Yates County, New York

first generation

compiled by Jeanette Dickinson

Aldridge Bissell was born (November. 24 1789) in Rhode Island and died February 1858 in Yates County, New York. He married first around 1815 to Elizabeth (Gardner?), who died about 1834, and married second around 1835 to Priscilla Clark (born about 1797, died February 14, 1888). They are all buried in Yates County, New York, Aldridge and his first wife in the Second Milo Cemetery. Aldridge had a total of nine children, seven by his first wife:

1. Nicholas Gardner Bissell born May 16, 1816, Wickford, Rhode Island, married June 7, 1846 to Eliza Ann Snyder, died August 10, 1860, Pewamo, Ionia County, Michigan.

2. Phebe G. Bissell born May 27, 1819, Wickford, Rhode Island, married first Gardner Tefft, married second Paris Corey, died September 23, 1873 in Michigan.

3. William Sean Bissell born December 1824, Yates County, New York, married December 21, 1850 to Almira Snyder, died August 22, 1903, Pewamo, Ionia County, Michigan.

4. Elizabeth A. Bissell born about 1827, Yates County, New York, married December 24, 1846 to Van Renssalaer Sunderlin, died 1891 in Ionia County, Michigan.

5. David A. Bissell born February 1, 1830, Yates County, New York, married February 2, 1862 to Zerviah O. ______, died April 22, 1902, Lyons Township, Ionia County, Michigan.

6. Mary Ann Bissell born August 1831(?), Yates County, New York, died March 1840(?), age 8 years, 7 months, 15 days, Yates County, New York.

7. Beriah G. Bissell (male) born October 14, 1834, Yates County, New York, died September 20, 1835, Yates County, New York.

8. Waity T. Bissell born August 25 1836, Yates County, New York, married David Clark (uncle or cousin?), died October 5, 1876.

9. Sarah Jane Bissell born about 1839, Yates County, New York, married after 1875 to John Butcher.

[Note: we hope to list all of Aldridge's grandchildren in a vital statistics chart in issue #4 of BHAM.]

Bissell Research Directory

Connecticut Bissells

1. Benjamin Bissell/Rachel Simmons

S-Mildred and Jake Armentrout, Box 476, Armour, SD 57313

2. Emery Bissell/Morgan Bissell

S-Joyce Bissell Hory, 320 Brantwood Rd., Snyder, NY 14226

3. Isaac Bissell III/Luther Bissell/Luther Bissell II

S-Barry Smith, 4035 Sadie St., Campbell, CA 95008

4. Jerijah Bissell II/Alfred Bissell

S-Margaret Bissell, Rt. 3, Box 118, Nashville, AR 71852
S-William Glenn Bissell, Rt. 5, Box 412, Nashville, AR 71852
S-Doris Brown, 15 Colorado Ave., Tacoma, WA 98407-7417
S-James T. Helm, 2609 Lakeside Dr., Garland, TX 75042
S-Sarah Bissell Lay, P. O. Box 83, Delight, AR 71940
S-Beverley Brown Losey, BSN, JD, 3425 S. 176th St., Apt. 132, Seattle, WA 98188
S-Bea Zimmer, 917 Presidio, San Clemente, CA 92672

5. Joseph Bissell/John Partridge Bissell

S-Freeman Morgan, Jr., 7209 14th Ave., Takoma Park, MD 20912
Howard Neff

6. Noah Bissell III/John Bissell

S-Charles B. Wheeler, II, 7710 Mary Knoll Ave., Bethesda, MD 20817

Rhode Island Bissells

1. David Bissell/Aldridge Bissell

Mrs. Clell Bissell
S-Charles Cockerline, 10 Haymarket Pl., London, Ontario, CANADA N6C 4Y2
S-Mrs. Jeannette Dickinson

2. Samuel Bissell/Stephen Bissell,Dr. Samuel Bissell

Mrs. Charles O. Bissell, 4221 Farrar Ave., Nashville, TN 37215
Nellie Weeks Balcom, R.D. 1, Box 8, Hartwick, NY 13348
Jean Gilmore, 1300 N. Horse Prairie Rd., Inverness, FL 32650
Soren Simonson, 2015 E. Broadway, #404, Long Beach, CA 90803

Unknown descent

1. Charles L. Bissell/William Judson Bissell

Dame Della Crowl

2. Frederick L. A. Bissell/Charles C. Bissell (Bessell)

Roy H. Bissell

3. Pierce B. Bissell/Richard P. Bissell, Henry K. Bissell, Sarah Turner, Lois Nelson

S-Roger Bissell, P.O. Box 5193, Orange, CA 92863 [1989 to present]
S-Royce Bissell [dec.], 205 S. W. Jackson, Greenfield, IA 50849
Zura Brown, Bridgewater, IA
S-Marie Wetzel, 921 N. Seneca, Storm Lake, IA 50588

S -- denotes BHAM subscriber
/ -- denotes parent-child relationship

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